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Variable Stat Armor - missing Insignia Options

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From what I recall, all Variable Stat Armor such as the Lunatic series were supposed to have access to all of the various insignia's from purchased expansions but the End of Dragon's Expansion is not showing up on the Lunatic Armor options so I think we need an update if somone forgot to update all of the Variable Stat Armor/Weapons

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On 4/12/2022 at 8:21 AM, Fueki.4753 said:

Just like with HoT and PoF attribute combinations, the EoD combinations will likely be added to older items at a later date.

I suspect this is intentional.

As I'd taken a long break from playing not long after PoF was released, I don't recall how long it was before we saw all of the Stats show up on Weapons/Armor. All I do know is that when I was able to finish getting the full Lunatic Armor Recipes, I could select any stat that was available from all of the Expansions as I have them all.


Linken: I know it's wishfull thinking that they'll at least communicate how long it'll be before we see them though.

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