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Thousand Seas Pavilion, almost there...

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Thank you for adding the additional baits and lures to the fishing vendor in the Thousand Seas Pavilion. That was definitely something that was needed.  Another thing really needed is to put the Thousand Seas Pavilion into the Cantha world map.  Having to map out to Arborstone and then a second map load to waypoint to Seitung Province, NKC, or whichever map was the destination is something Thousand Seas Pavilion pass owners should not need to do.  I like using the Mistlock Sanctuary pass as a launch point for central Tyria.  I like using the Lily of the Elon pass as a launch point for the Crystal Desert.  In similar fashion I'd like to use the Thousand Seas Pavilion pass as a launch point for Cantha.

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7 hours ago, Jukhy.2431 said:

You can travel directly to Seitung and other Cantha areas from the Mysterious Gate in the water (huge gateway portal in north side of the map):
These are the fishing location destinations. There's a zipline connection on the main area ledge to get there fast.

True, but not quite what I had in mind. The benefit of having access to the world map is that you can go directly (and quickly) to the waypoint you want. While riding the zipline to get to the fishing portal is definitely an option, it's not necessarily a time-saver as compared to just using the Arborstone portal scroll in the first place.  The point of my post was to say that the Thousand Seas Pavilion is great, no argument there, but adding access to the world map would be a nice convenience (the point of areas like this) and would align it with similar functionality that was added to the Mistlock Sanctuary after its initial release.

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