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  1. I'm not a fan of the pre-events for this meta. They're just a bit too long in my opinion. If some of the pre-events could be removed or shortened to make this meta less of a time-investment (for the rewards given) I think I'd probably play it more often.
  2. For me it is a GeForce GTX 750 Ti, driver version at the moment is 496.49. (Windows 10 21H2)
  3. That's possible I suppose, but I wasn't thinking it was network lag for a couple reasons: In these events with many people and visual effects, if I toggle between DX11 on and DX11 off the behavior changes. With DX11 off FPS drops but it is consistent. With DX11 on FPS drops but it is punctuated. With DX11 on seeing the punctuated lag as soon as the event ends or I leave the area, the punctuated effect goes away
  4. I'm with you on this one. Any novelty of gathering things around the home instance has definitely worn off over the years of daily home instance gathering. A mastery or even a gem store item that collects all home instance items into one "pile" that could be collected each day would be a very nice thing.
  5. Here's something I observed during the Renyak fight of the Seitung Province meta event. With DX11 not enabled, I'm accustomed to this event having a pretty low FPS, but even though things run slowly, they run slowly at a constant pace. With DX11 enabled, the FPS was still low, but the lag was punctuated. In other words, the visuals of the event would actually freeze momentarily, and then "speed up" as all the visuals appeared to catch up. Then it would freeze again and then catch up again. This punctuated lag was actually much worse to play than the consistent lag with DX11 off. The punctua
  6. It's been mentioned by others, but I'll add my voice to being surprised when I press Window+D (or +M) to minimize all windows, GW2 won't stay minimized. As soon as I click another app GW2 pops back to full screen. We definitely need it to stay minimized until we intentionally click to switch back to it.
  7. This was added today! (5/10/22) From patch notes: Added the ability to use the waypoint from the Thousand Seas Pavilion map to access other map layers. Thank you, dev team - this is very much appreciated!
  8. True, but not quite what I had in mind. The benefit of having access to the world map is that you can go directly (and quickly) to the waypoint you want. While riding the zipline to get to the fishing portal is definitely an option, it's not necessarily a time-saver as compared to just using the Arborstone portal scroll in the first place. The point of my post was to say that the Thousand Seas Pavilion is great, no argument there, but adding access to the world map would be a nice convenience (the point of areas like this) and would align it with similar functionality that was added to the Mi
  9. Thank you for adding the additional baits and lures to the fishing vendor in the Thousand Seas Pavilion. That was definitely something that was needed. Another thing really needed is to put the Thousand Seas Pavilion into the Cantha world map. Having to map out to Arborstone and then a second map load to waypoint to Seitung Province, NKC, or whichever map was the destination is something Thousand Seas Pavilion pass owners should not need to do. I like using the Mistlock Sanctuary pass as a launch point for central Tyria. I like using the Lily of the Elon pass as a launch point for the Crys
  10. I'm seeing the same thing. No eye of the north in the fast travel options from the Thousand Seas Pavilion.
  11. Someone mentioned they heard a dev saying in map chat that the fishing vendor would likely be updated. Curious has anyone heard similar chatter that there may be plans to bring the Thousand Seas Pavilion into Cantha and give it world map access? Having access to the world map from the pavilion is something I'm really hoping will be implemented soon. Having to portal to Arborstone first to get to Cantha is an annoyance I think pavilion pass owners shouldn't need to worry about.
  12. As some have suggested above, I wish it had been implemented so the jump/slam and dodge weren't tied together, but yet the jump/dodge could still cost endurance. Basically the jump/slam and your dodges would both pull from the same resource pool (endurance) so you could choose which to use at the right time. Along with that, the jump/slam could either still cost 100 endurance, or possibly it could have effect or damage based on endurance spent. For example if you jump/slam with full endurance, you do full effect or full damage. But if you jump/slam with only 50 endurance, your effect o
  13. The Thousand Seas Pavilion is so nice. I really like the aesthetics, the placement of the crafting stations and merchants, and the zip lines to the other parts of the island. One (very small) thing that I didn't like about the Mistlock Sanctuary was that you'd be facing a random direction each time you entered. That's not a huge deal, but when I want to get in and out quickly, having muscle memory to quickly move my character the same direction is a nice thing. With Mistlock Sanctuary I had to visually orient myself which direction I was facing. With Thousand Seas Pavilion, when I enter I'm
  14. Sounds like we cannot access the world map to WP out from the Pavilion? I remember when the Mistlock Sanctuary was first introduced, it had that limitation too, but they soon fixed that so you could select a map layer and then WP out from there. Fingers crossed they'll add that functionality for the Pavilion very soon.
  15. I like the way they implemented the antique summoning stones. It gives you the option to spend little gold and invest more time (vendor) or spend much gold and invest little time (trading post). Options are good.
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