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Opinion about eod expansion

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to me this expansion is more a frustration then something i can enjoy.
the forced story was the first thing that i hate (because features are locked behind story) 
that you like your work is nice, i am also proud when i repaired a bike, but i don't ask ppl to look at it 100 hours before they can enjoy the ride with it.
it should be optional. even if the bike looks beautiful. and yes you want ppl stay in the game because of money income. but games that makes me frustrated every day i leave after some time.
then the meta for the turtle, don't have to explain this, you know it was bad. because you changed the way to unlock turtle. but then i still had to wait weeks because time gated vendor wrists.
now i don't care about the turtle anymore. i am back in Tyria. 
even i wished gw2 got fisning, i don't fish at all. the bar is moving fast left and right and even with a very good reaction time you won't be able to keep that thing on a moving bar. 
and i am not going to touch the monitor with my nose for a better chance. if sound was doing something with it then it was nice, but sounds are random so you never know when it it moving.
it's nice that i got fishing, but i keep it for later. 
now i am focussed on the archery event for the mastery point, first i went there and talked to the npc and wasted time. he said he is busy but he doesn't do anything, how frustrated.
these days you are forced to go to youtube or wiki while this are parts outside of the game. no explanation anywhere in game. or you have to wait hours and find out the event times for yourself.
today i did the event for first time, i shot away my arrows and i thought i would be able to reload like charrzooka from drizzlewood or something, but no. i had to find arrows myself, i got attacked from all sides and by the time i got arrows the event was over. got angry and i left. this design is far from player friendly. a challange is acceptable, but when someone solo play they don't have to be attacked by a whole camp. this archery is another thing to avoid cantha. 
strikes.. they are 5 times longer then old strikes, but the reward is the same. unfair to me. i have to concentrate longer, and failing disappoints even more. i avoid strikes because rewards are not a thing in gw2. if you want something you have to farm 24/7 for gold and hoping it gets on the trading post. this is ridiculous. 
the only thing i read is, super rare, super rare, super rare, and nothing more. this just means that you will never ever loot it. and players who get the item, getting worth free upgrades for the whole accound and full legendary armor and a few legendary weapons in worth. i want to much in this game but a 1k+ drop won't happen i think.

feedback: there should be more soulbound skins from the same chests but with a higher chance of dropping, the super rares must be rare and soulbound. this way you improve rewards for your "customers", and make it worth doing some content. so a chest should be 10% chance for a soulbound item, and for a sellable item the chances from now. i watched a video today from a streamer who completed the new strike on Challenge Mode, he just got 1 rare item. on first kill. imagine droprates for ppl who only play easy content.

then with the march sale, from start till now (i just checked) i am still not pay gems with ideal. whats happening? i don't have and i don't want a credit card.

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I have plenty of gripes with EoD, but quite a few of these complaints are unfair towards Anet.


1. Story has always been a centerpiece of the expansions and always had some stuff locked behind them (but just as often you could skip most of the story after the first mission). That said, what features are locked behind the story for you?  Skiff? Can be unlocked by doing the heart. Fishing? Just play through the first mission and that's it since you can buy everything else from vendors afaik. Hardly call that forced. Turtle isn't story locked. Jade Bot isn't either, you can just buy a tier 1 core from the TP.  Is Arborstone as a location locked or something?


2. 200 writs is hardly a grind, those things drop like candy. I take it you don't have a griffon/skyscale/rollerbeetle either? There is a reason they are prestige mounts and not basic one. It is okay if they take a few days.


3. That's a personal issue. I have zero problems with that fishing bar at all. Are you sure you understand the mechanic properly and have enough fishing power?


4. Git gud issue. Only thing that is somewhat justified here is how the event is not up as often as it should, event itself is quite forgiving. Next time just walk, don't shoot, and just check where the targets are (and how they look) so you can knock 10 out in one go during the next time it is up. The mobs don't have a huge aggro-range so you can avoid them for the most part.


5. Okay, this is a fair point, strike rewards, like pretty much all challenging content rewards in the game, are lacking.

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