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[COMIC] Where Life Goes - An Ongoing fan comic (And Art!)

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Hello and welcome!  Here's the story of my commander, Soumeiyn, journeying from the nightmarish depths of the Maguuma jungle; forward to the endless sands of the Crystal Desert, and perhaps even further still, what lies beyond the seas of the Unending Ocean. Followed by a colorful cast (because I certainly don't have too many alts enjoying this game, no!), Where Life Goes, so too should Soumeiyn, through trials and victories, for Tyria's future, and his own!


(Pending) Prologue - On the Brink

1.1 - The Call

1.2 - Who to Trust

1.3 .. TBD

--A Memory Seed (001)


 For a couple of years, I've been on and off working on a comic. I've always been inspired by Guild War 2's story-telling and wanting to share my own commander's perspectives.  It started in the shocking introduction to Heart of Thorns, and maybe with some time in the future, I can go as far back as the base game story forward.  It really is a dream of mine to have a story out there for others to enjoy, a memory and retelling for the unforgettable adventures in this game. Thank you for reading! 🧡


Find me on:  Twitter -  (GW2) Tumblr  -  Patreon

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Where Life Goes didn't really take off until I made Eiarri, my Reaper Asura! All sorts of story ideas were coming to mind after my friend and I were sending each other in-character letters w/ food, gear, gifts, etc. just for fun! I thought about how she'd interact with my alts too, and a comic was born! I wish I had the energy to draw her with more color or a fun pose for the birthday, but recovering from a sick bug ;;



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July's been busy for me with one final convention I'm prepping for, and getting ready for a move! I'm hoping to get some pages for Where Life Goes in the next week, but for now, bringing back a bit of an oldie. I went fishing the other day after a bit of a break and still can't break this silly tendency, I guess! haha



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A couple things here. First, I doodled Sou, just because!



Second, a Memory Seed... 🍃 One of a couple page ideas I had in the back of my head that I had to get out there. I'm so excited for the revamped Living Story 1, y'all!! I can't wait to relive patches when I have time with friends!  It'll be so fun to take them through on their first time!


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