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Just remove banners.


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Anet, go to the drawing board, try and find one designer who at least plays warrior and doesnt have to look at the wiki to balance, and just make something different other than banners. 


you guys changed banners back to how they were except worse. you guys did NOTHING new. 


take the time, figure out a new support path for warrior, and make it decent. 

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Ill make it quick

Banners become symbols over the warrior's head. Glowing in the respective color of each banner. 1 second casttime to summon the banner 'facet' to pulse boons for 30 sec. Boon application every 5 sec. Flipover skills are instant, with the exception of Elite banner for the rez/stomp (same casttime, aoe around the warrior). Banner of Tactics moves into the heal skill. Flipover skills on banners are named 'Inspire' or inspire allies. These are now affected by the quickness trait and apply quickness when used (as well as when summoned). Inspiring consumes the banner. Elite Banner persists for 20 seconds only. CD for Elite is reduced. 

STR: Might (5 stacks for 5 sec)

-Flipover: "Inspire" 15 stacks of might for 10 sec, extra quickness for 4 sec

DISC: Fury (3 sec) 

-Flipover: "Inspire" Fury for 10 sec and Superspeed for 6 sec

DEF: Reso (3 sec) 

-Flipover: "Inspire" AoE stunbreak, 4k barrier, Prot for 6 sec

TACT: Regen (3 sec) 

-Flipover: "Inspire" Cleanse 3 condis from allies, resistance for 7 sec

ELITE: Swiftness (5 sec), 2 Stab (2 sec) 

-Flipover: "Inspire" 5 stacks of stab (8 sec), Vigor (10 sec) Rez allies/finish foes. 

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