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Percussive Maintenance - Mechanist's Cache bug ?

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I'm not sure if this is a bug, an oversight or if I'm just missing some info, but a month ago I did map completion of Seitung Province, and I think I did it on Holosmith while Mechanist was not unlocked.


So that means I already have map completion of the map that would have given me the required Cashe. I did get the Cashe from some other map (it even drops the same sword ?!) but it does not appear to count towards the achievement... 


Did I just get locked out of getting the ascended mace ?  

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According to the wiki only the one from Seitung counts - as mentioned in the description of the item/achievement. Meaning: After starting the achievement (doing the first step of the Mechanist training do unlock the collection) ... you have to either get or use that cache. I think using (opening) it ... was what made it count towards the achievement.

Unlocking the achievement later probably is not intended to retrospectively count this - cause you could just do the map completion on another char again. (Yeah ... might be a pain if you have to level it first but maybe some scrolls from birthday presents can help. Other than that - after having a new engineer at level 80 it should be pretty fast to do the map completion there again.)

There are some things where older stuff you gathered before unlocking an achievement ... automatically counts. Mainly skins where the game can just check it from your wardrobe (if unlocked) ... and I heard about some ascended trinkets from achievements in season 2 (that you could only get once - not buyable at an NPC) ... that they also count when unlocking an achievement that later needs them. (Even if you deleted them. That achievement probably checks the previous achievement you had unlocked.)

I would - though I think this is not considered a but at the moment - suggest to the developers: Make the achievement check map completion (which is still there - could be easily checked) ... counting even if the achievement only gets unlocked later. To avoid problems. Especially new players (that will come with the Steam release) ... might get annoyed. Much harder for them to just level a new char. (Cause they do not have tons of scrolls from birthday presents stored. And tomes of knowledge and stuff.)

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