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Weave Self Suggestion


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Weave Self

Cast time: 0.5 seconds (reduced from 0.75 seconds)

Cooldown: 75 seconds (reduced from 90 seconds)

The Weave Self effect lasts 10 seconds (reduced from 20 seconds), reduces attunement swap cooldown to 2 seconds (unchanged), but now grants all elemental buffs immediately instead of requiring that you rotate into each attunement.  When Weave Self ends, Tailored Victory (the CC) occurs at 50% reduced effect and Perfect Weave is applied, granting all elemental buffs for another 10 seconds.  Tailored Victory may now be cast at any time with a 0.5 second cast time (reduced from 0.75 seconds) for full effect, ending the Weave Self effect and applying Perfect Weave for 50% of its normal duration.   For each attunement swap that occurs during Weave Self and Perfect Weave, the cooldown of Weave Self is reduced by 2 seconds.



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