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  1. Thanks for correcting me, guys. Not firebrand/renegade/scourge, just firebrand/renegade and sometimes scourge depending upon the game mode.
  2. Isn't a 900 range gap closer + hard CC + stability + evade what every class needs?
  3. Firebrand, renegade and scourge are about all you need in this game. All other classes optional.
  4. Heart of Thorns, generally. Verdant Brink I give a nod for story integration and great events during the day cycle, but the night meta is poorly designed, in my opinion. I think they did a much better job on the meta with Tangled Depths and Auric Basin. Dragon's Stand, while not my cup of tea, is (was - until DWC north meta) fairly unique and has great story integration, too. All of the HoT maps are visually striking and it's difficult to choose my favorite on that score. Honorable mention to DWC south (if only this had been two full maps!). Other favorites include Sandswept Isles, B
  5. I actually just came to the forum to make the same complaint. That light sabre-esque buzzing sound on every single flap (and a quick double-buzz when using the special in addition!) is absolutely obnoxious and way too loud. Please tone this down both how often the sound is made and its volume? Otherwise I absolutely love this skin! It looks really cool and those mount/dismount animations are killer! But I'm not sure I can use it in this state.
  6. You can't really compare to classes like firebrand and renegade. They're just so stupidly overtuned no support can or should be able to compete. The only solution is to nerf these specs down so that they have to choose what they're good at. It can't just be everything. Designing classes to compete with that is just going to create a bigger mess.
  7. Nothing against those classes. They're all great! I just wanted to show that ele doesn't have to feel like a "1 HP class" and it doesn't have to give up all of its damage to do it.
  8. I don't know, but maybe we can find out. Here's Trailblazer Weaver clocking in at about 18k DPS and completing the fight in 40 seconds (celestial lags behind a bit, but I can still solo most champions in about a minute). I've seen only two clips of players doing it faster and only one of those was a glass power build (chronomancer). That player managed it in 38 seconds. So, I guess what we need here is more data. What kind of damage do you typically see when soloing champions on glass DH, Holo, or Reaper? And how "insane" is the sustain really?
  9. What's the matter? You don't like playing firebrand, renegade, or scourge like everybody else?
  10. I definitely agree on Tornado and FGS. FGS should just be a kit at this point along with other conjure weapons. Tornado does nothing that justifies such a ridiculous cooldown. Rebound and Weave Self are powerful effects with appropriate cooldowns. The issue with Rebound is it doesn't do enough outside of the cheat death effect, making it too situational. Weave Self just has an unwieldy design, but a 90s cooldown is fine for a long-lasting buff like this.
  11. That particular clip was originally designed to showcase a build with very high passive sustain. What better way to do that than to take down a heavy-hitter like Balthazar HP while using neither dodge nor active heal, right? There's a little more to the story, however. The boss can be stunned twice during the fight (four times, actually, but that requires slowing down the pace considerably!). Since the fight only lasted 40 seconds, those stun windows actually make up a significant amount of time where I'm able to burn the boss hard without taking any damage in return. If the fight had
  12. You can solo most champions and even many legendary bosses, but you have to know what you're doing. Is that something you would find interesting? That's up to you, but it is not accurate that you can't do squat against champions. Example. Competitive modes are not only about build, so if it feels that way to you then you're probably just new and losing doesn't feel good. Blame whatever you like for that, but I'd advise simply accepting that no matter what build you play you will lose a lot when you solo roam because many players who are confident enough to roam alone have put thousand
  13. You progress your mastery level past level 80, not your actual level. So, when you see someone with a number like 366 that's masteries unlocked. Masteries are skills like mounts, gliders, etc. that don't usually increase your combat ability the way additional levels or better gear does. This is why they call it "horizontal" progression. Once you're level 80 and using exotic gear, you're almost as strong as you're going to get in terms of passive gains.
  14. Nice work! The ranged attack spam while running away is so obnoxious. They need to kill that.
  15. You must really hate those SAB items.
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