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  1. Most open world builds on metabattle feature more than one stat set so players are encouraged to do what works for them. Usually condi builds recommend viper stats but will list trailblazer as a tankier alternative. Especially "solo" builds will tend to use trailblazer and survival on a rev elite spec using this gear should be fairly easy once you know your class a bit better.
  2. Ele needs access to these skills on a far more regular basis than 60 (or 180!) seconds. I am not stuck on kits, but I'm tired of these skills going unaddressed. Maybe back during core when classes with a weapon swap were forced to give something up in order to gain range advantage this made some kind of sense. But that has not been the case for years now.
  3. Disagree. In their current form most conjured weapons are worthless due to excessive cooldowns, the cumbersome drop mechanic, and the laughably bad design of everything except FGS and earth shield. This needs a rewrite and kits or ammo skills are the way to go.
  4. Not at all, but fire/arcane celestial is more commonly used for WvW. PvE condi weaver usually runs fire/earth with viper or trailblazer.
  5. I play celestial sword weaver with fire/arcane. It isn't the best damage and it requires more dodging and combo field interactions than other options. However, it's still decent and I really enjoy the busy playstyle. Conceptually, I like running all stat gear on ele.
  6. My issue with combo field interactions built into class mechanics is that it falls apart in groups because other player's combo fields get in the way. Perhaps they could make it so that you automatically gain combo interactions from your own field plus one additional field from an allied player if available? That way it could only benefit you to have other players there and combos would be stronger generally.
  7. Elite specs only add options, with the exception of druid which is a downgrade from other ranger specs unless you want to heal. For example, firebrand can serve as a healer where core guardian doesn't, but it's also a better DPS spec. Renegade can serve as boon support, but is again a better DPS spec than revenant. So, unless your friend's issue is that he doesn't like the way any of the elite specs play (or he's playing a ranger and unlocked druid...in which case, tell him to unlock soulbeast instead!), there shouldn't be any difference in which roles the class can play by takin
  8. There's no reason not to. Failing the time challenge just means you don't get credit for that challenge, same as only activating the 2 other challenges. Most of them give you a ton of time to complete, too. It's just that snowden one has a really short timer for some reason and whatever that weirdness is where the boss ignores the breakbar stun and instead starts running around the room! Annoying.
  9. Hmm, weird. That one didn't seem particularly difficult to me and I did it on sword weaver. I have trouble with the Snowden one. The boss for some reason doesn't get stunned when you break his bar. Instead he runs away from you so you can't DPS him with a melee build at all except when he's on his attack phase, which doesn't give you much time to really focus on doing that! Also, the timer is super short for some reason. I can beat it solo, but I'm not even close on the timer. If he would just get stunned when you break his bar like I think he's supposed to? Or if the timer
  10. That one is should be pretty easy if you can do all the others. Just be sure you're lighting the fires and moving near them to clear the debuff or you'll die quickly.
  11. The tone is salty and I have to say sword weaver and dagger ele feel pretty fantastic to me, but I agree with the overall message. It's time for ele to have a new ranged weapon with a more mobile play style than staff allows.
  12. That would definitely be cool, but I'd probably still use Mistlock Sanctuary as my home base anyway! Love that place!
  13. Preordered ultimate because 1) There was no chance I wasn't going to purchase this expansion, and 2) I support the game as long as I'm playing it. So, I'll be giving EoD a chance just like I did the previous two expansions (both of which delivered more than enough to justify the price, in my estimation!). If it isn't to my liking and I find another game to play, it'll be what it'll be. I see no reason to speculate that it won't deliver based on an early reveal. I'm going to find out first-hand when it releases.
  14. I disagree with this assessment. You can watch the video a bit if you like. I intentionally played like a potato to demonstrate how easy it is to take down enemies that tend to give new players trouble. For example, groups of forged and multiple veteran hydras at once. All while standing in place like I'm rooted and spamming 1 and dodge. It really is easy and quite difficult to die even against many champions. Edit: You don't need celestial or trailblazer to make staff mirage work for open world. They would probably be the better options, but anything condi will work, preferr
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