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  1. In fairness, if the idea is to get people excited about the upcoming patch, giving people more or less worthless junk probably isn't the way I'd go. Other games give you skins. You know, stuff somebody who is interested in the game might actually care about?
  2. Do you really need an excuse to watch Teapot roll out of bed and start streaming in his bathrobe for 4 hours?
  3. Yes, extremely boring. I stopped participating after the first couple of weeks and haven't even bothered completing the special objective for them in the wizard vault. I thought they were pretty decent at first, but they're so repetitive and the rewards like most everything else in this expansion revolve around legendary armor.
  4. Forget 120 cd on FGS. With the stupid amounts of mobility creep on other classes, there's no reason for a long cooldown on this skill. The skills already have cooldowns. I don't see why it needs to be so limited.
  5. As far as I can tell, most of the toxicity in this community comes from entitled casuals, but you only really see it on the forums where they come to talk about how toxic the community is. I suppose you could blame ANet for allowing a tool like arcdps when it's so clearly a trigger for their toxic behavior, but I don't believe it's right to remove a valuable tool from other players because a few bad actors can't control their anxiety.
  6. While you're right that taunt is mostly a waste of code, what you propose would be a waste of time. We already have a pull mechanic for grouping enemies together and nobody needs another player to pull trash mobs off of them. In fact, in most cases that would be more annoying than it is helpful. Regardless, taunt runs counter to the design of this game. It doesn't belong and that's why it isn't used. It probably shouldn't have been added in the first place and they obviously decided to limit its use early on.
  7. Weird build. Arcane blast is worthless on a trailblazer build while earth signet would give you a massive bleed + extra toughness + CC + aura on a short cooldown. You should use the signet heal, too, as the passive is extremely powerful and it will generate another aura. Maguuma lilies instead of sigils? Camping fire on an aura build? You have auras in water and air from dagger offhand and you gain auras via sunspot when rotating back into fire. If you aren't going to rotate attunements, you'd be much better off going with tempest. Scepter/warhorn, healing, fire, and earth signets, elemental summons for the final utlity and elite slots.
  8. Arcane wave with 2 charge leap + daze + immob sounds amazing also.
  9. Although my preference is fractals, I'd prefer to see more of both and raids as well. But in terms of quality, SotO strikes and fractal were a very weak showing. The mechanics on the strikes don't feel very interesting or impactful. The mechanics on the fractal do, but then they just repeat the same thing over and over while also punishing the heck out of melee builds. Call me unreasonable, but I expect better quality instanced content and more of it.
  10. Call it whatever you want. It doesn't do a good job of displaying class buffs like Weave self and soon the projectiles for ele pistol. I think it should be fixed.
  11. It really isn't okay. If the purpose of a UI is to provide necessary information to the player as clearly as possible, this UI fails hard. There are far too many buffs jammed into one bar and they constantly move around, making it difficult to see anything that you would need to know.
  12. Yeah, it's awful. All of the other festivals I can find something I enjoy enough or at the very least don't find so tedious that I mind going for the weekly, but Lunar Festival I just can't do it. The weekly is way too much of a grind and there's nothing remotely fun about this festival to begin with.
  13. Suggest whatever you want. I'd rather keep the feel of the spec with dual attunements and the 4 second swap. But one tradeoff (being locked into the attunement for 4 seconds) is enough. Giving us unravel on f5 would mostly resolve the issues with being unable to access skills as needed without turning weaver into core ele with 6 extra skills.
  14. They may have. I haven't been doing much with kryptis since I got all the required essence.
  15. The problem is 1) the open world version in SotO is broken, so it just kills everyone who stands in it instead of splitting the damage like it's supposed to and 2) everywhere else the mechanic is simply ignored and healed through (e.g. ToF, vale guardian).
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