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  1. That's a bit of a chicken or egg scenario, isn't it? Maybe more people would care about fractals if ANet invested some resources into them? 1 fractal every 2 years can't really be called supporting the content. Speaking for myself, I enjoy fractals but I'd enjoy them a lot more if they released new content on a regular schedule the way other MMOs do.
  2. Good. If this is all about appealing to open world PvE players then they can balance its impact in group play without impacting that at all. They appear to have figured out that the support aspects are way overtuned. Perhaps next they'll stop making unnecessary buffs to pmech and tone that down, too.
  3. Damage is the only thing weaver can do. When it does it better than most, it's a popular pick. When it doesn't (like now) hardly anybody plays it. There should be a payoff for playing a class with the limitations weaver has and right now there isn't. Hopefully the power buffs will help, but they really should have buffed both condi and power sword. There's no reason these builds shouldn't be near the top.
  4. The top comment is correct: "Top is stuck 1 hour in lfg, bottom is stuck 1 hour in instance." I'd just go for the group that specifies what roles they require!
  5. Sword on power weaver may be "BiS", but it's not "doing well". If we're being honest, it sucks. It's a selfish melee DPS that benchmarks lower than some support hybrids. It needed some love. So does condi sword, for that matter.
  6. Oh I agree 100%. I'm very disappointed that condi sword is getting nothing. I don't understand the logic that says a selfish melee DPS should offer low-to-moderate damage while we continue to improve builds that have full support capabilities and also outperform on DPS. It's really not much fun to play weaver anymore as it kinda sucks at the one thing it can do: damage.
  7. Well, virtuoso is second in line for overperforming ranged DPS builds. So plenty of people play mesmer, naturally. As for staff mirage, I can understand their dilemma. This is what happens when you do things like simply tacking on alacrity and 25x might to an auto attack. You'd love to do something to improve the rest of the kit, but it's already loaded just by spamming autos. I will say they seem to reserve the dumbest solutions for mirage for some reason.
  8. Weaver is one of the least played specs in the PvE game currently. Yes, it absolutely needs damage buffs.
  9. Does it need to be in order for what I said to be true? I'm not sure what's so difficult to understand about this. The benchmark represents 100% melee uptime. If a melee and a ranged build are exactly equal on a benchmark, then every second spent at range results in an advantage for the ranged build. The more time at range, the bigger the advantage. Is that not obvious? Why argue the point?
  10. No buffs to condi sword for some reason. I know they want to buff core weapons and power weaver certainly needed buffs, but all melee weaver builds should be near the top DPS given all of their limitations. I guess next year they might get around to it?
  11. That is one way of handling range vs. melee. Another is to reduce the damage of an overperforming ranged spec. Either may be appropriate, depending upon the circumstances. I don't see a benchmark of 28k as problematic, but balancing around benchmarks without taking anything else into consideration is how we arrived in this situation to begin with.
  12. Take two classes with the same benchmark, one ranged and one melee. They deal the same damage at melee, but whenever they're forced to range the melee class deals no damage. Are we living in some alternate reality where that isn't true?
  13. The sad part is that it's more true the more casual the group. If you look at high-end play, mechanist is still a top pick for DPS but other classes can compete with it. But less skilled groups have much lower DPS which causes the snowball effect wherein you end up having to deal with more mechanics, further reducing your group DPS. That is unless you play mechanist, which performs much closer to optimal while dealing with mechanics. So, is this even helping the target demographic? Or just pigeon-holing them into playing mechanist and nothing else? If anything, they now have an even
  14. The state of denial in this thread... 🙄 So, let's take a look at that link you provided. When weaver was at 29.28% representation in fractals it was because players really enjoyed weaver, right? It had nothing to do with the fact that stacking weavers was a great way to make your group overperform. Yet somehow today weaver is at 0.54% representation on the same chart. I wonder what could explain such a dramatic shift?
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