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[Suggestion] Buying Gem Through Account Menu

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So, with the title suggest. I think it's better if we can buy gems not only through in game menu or gemcode that scattered around amazon or any other third party dealer. But also, through anet account menu, an interface where you can create API keys etc...

The reason for this is that, I always got 80808 code everytime I made purchase with gems, when I go to the account menu I realize there's no "buy gem" options and I think we can see several games include the option to buy the in game currency through their own websites. So I think this implementation is not bad idea. I am not a long time GW2 player, I just come here like for 5 or 6 months or more maybe I couldn't remember. I always preface this when I asked for the resolution on my error but I think it's better if I brought it into the forum as well.

I think I don't need to explain further because it is a common practice...

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