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Living Season 1 (how many episodes will there be?)


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As said, despite the original having 9 arcs (discounting one-offs and festivals), there will be 5 episodes. At least 3 arcs (Lost Shores, Secret of Southsun, and Cutthroat Politics arcs) and the standalone Tequatl Rising were cut for returns (arguably Twilight Assault was too, but doing Aetherpath got an achievement in Clockwork Chaos, so it's only partially cut without the original achievements or temporary open world additions returning).

Episode 4, most likely to be Tower of Nightmares (which came after Twilight Assault) will be releasing September 13. Episode 5, known to be Battle for Lion's Arch, will probably be in November.

We do not know if the missing pieces of The Origins of Madness (energy probes + A Moment of Piece instance) or Edge of the Mists story will return. If they do it'll be part of Battle for Lion's Arch most likely and make Episode 5 among the longest episodes of Season 1.

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