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Open world role playing as a Guardian Knight


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Greetings fellow Guardians. 

I was trying to make my own, a little different build, only for open world content (farming meta events, wondering around, helping people and groups, doing... stuff and role playing)

I wanted to create a Knight of some sort, (or Paladin if you will) and to be somewhat: Tanky / Support - boon sharing / Heal with some damage. I was messing around at the build editor and I came up with the following build:  http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PWABk6d7lRweYYsLmJesS9PdA-zRZYixMG8ZYjRkUtSVpeAA-e

The goal was to have power between 1500-2000. Toughness and Vitality above 2000. Around 30% critical chance. Around 50 % boon duration and some healing power.

The only boon I don't give to others and myself is Alacrity..  

I dismissed the idea of just playing celestial. As I already have Power Willbender / Condi Willbender / Heal Firebrand and Quickness Firebrand.
What all of you Guardians think about this build ?




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