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My Warrior Banner Revamp concept


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I do feel that banners are extremely underwhelming as they are now. There’s not much benefit to actually holding them
I think the banners could be made a whole lot more exciting than they are by going back to its roots. 


I actually like carrying around a banner, and feel that it should stay a two handed environmental weapon like in the vanilla days but with a modern GW2 game design philosophy instead of the old. The Skill Bar might look like this.

1. Stab - Should actually be a stabbing motion, faster like the spear underwater. maybe give a combo with stab->jab->thrust. Each Banner has its own side effect to the Auto Chain.

**Banner of Defense- Auto Attack apply weakness to enemies and Barrier to allies nearby

**Banner of Discipline- Auto Attack apply cripple on the chain effect to enemies and removes non-damage conditions from allies after building up a stacking effect,

**Banner of Strength- Auto Attack apply vulnerability to the enemy and build up a stacking effect that triggers an additional AoE attack at full stack. 

**Banner of Tactics- Auto Attack heals nearby allies for Front Line Support

**Battle Standard- Auto Attack has a stacking effect that grants stability and quickness to nearby allies when reaching full stack, while removing boons from nearby enemies on trigger


2. Brutal banner - This skill knocks down enemies when the warrior uses it, and dazes when others use it.

3. Inspire - give a unique buff for each one

**Banner of Defense- grants Protection, Resolution, and Resistance

**Banner of Discipline- grants stability

**Banner of Strength- Grants Might and Quickness

**Banner of Tactics- heal and grant regeneration, as well as grant swiftness.

**Battle Standard- Allies all boons


4. Enraging Charge - Sprint forward 900 range with a stabbing motion with your banner to stab your foe. Requires target in range to use

5. Vanquish - Forcefully plant your banner in the ground to damage nearby foes. Deals massive damage to downed players. Uses same planting animation but with an AoE effect.



Banners get a Unique Burst Skills while welding 

Non-Warriors who wield the banner get a one time use burst skill pop up skill, but with a much milder effect. 


Banner of Strength F1 – (Unleashed Rip) - Repeatedly Stab Foe. For each successful hit, allies gain might. (similar to mariner’s frenzy except slower and hits 1 target)
Banner of Tactics F1 – (Guidance) – Your attacks heal allies, and 10% damage you take provides a barrier to nearby allies 

Banner of Defense F1– (Stonewall) – Leap to targeted area stabbing the ground with the banner and deal damage to foes in the area and blocking damage done to allies in the area

Banner of Discipline F1– (Chains of Justice)- Stab your foe with great force, immobilizing them in place with a disciplinary chain that prevents target from moving. Removes Boons from the enemy every second. 

Battle Standard F1- (Honorary Banner) - Hold your banner up in a channeled pose. Converting conditions on nearby allies into Boons. Warrior becomes immune to damage while channeling. Breaks on movement.




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