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Jahai Bluffs Griffon Master - Straight up imposible or im missing something.


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i wanted to finish race mentioned in title. Usually i don't have problem with races quite opposite i enjoy them. Usually when i see race i dont need guide i just do them ... may take few attempts to reach gold. But no problem at all. I have experience with all mounts all masteries done ofc. But in this case i was failing hard. So i watched multiple videos and i noticed they are way faster. Almost as they getting some kind of speed buff from flying through rings. I just somehow dont udestand grifon mechanic and doing something wrong or its bugged. Becouse im not even close to speed and height that i see in videos.. and i mean it not even CLOSE! i cant finish it at any rank. Last ring is just unreachable.. I tried it multiple times in multipe ways from multipe guides.. And just no. and as i said not even close by far margin i cant reach last ring and on other rings im far behind as well. And i have no idea whats wrong there.. any suggestions please ?


Does anyone did it recently ?

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