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Adjustment considerations for Alac Renegade and Quickness Herald


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Let's start with Righteous Rebel, which increases the duration by 50%. If I don't have that selected, but have 100% boon duration, I can't even keep alacrity up. If I do have it selected, I still need about 80% boon duration if I want to keep it up. It's not interesting. I'd recommend making the 50% increased duration baseline, leave the bonus radius, and make it so that Order's from Above has either a discounted or removed energy cost, allowing for more interesting choices such as Citadel Bombardment or Heroic Command. I doubt the alacren dps would suddenly take over, and there's no way a dps would take that over Lasting Legacy, particularly since without boon duration you really don't provide enough Alac.


Draconic Echo Facet interaction isn't a fun play style. You can get away with less boon duration here, but only if you spend your entire time spamming your Facets as soon as they are off cooldown. It's again not very interesting; it isn't engaging to play. Also, Facet cooldowns are crazy long, so you really need to hammer all of them. It would be more interesting if you pulsed quickness, with increased duration for each Facet active. It would mean Facet of nature would still give you some quickness when swapping legends, giving you time to utilize all of the revenant's legends before swapping back to Glint and refreshing the duration up. It would still work with the initial idea of Draconic Echo, where using a Facet would still have it technically active for that period of time, allowing the bonus duration to quickness to continue pulsing for a brief period after use.

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