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Assigned wvw ability points don't always "look" assigned when they are.

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Essentially I have 2 pips in warclaw, 1 in gliding, and 4 in provision master, and 12 ability pts unassigned.  However, I noticed before and after the reset my warclaw and gliding points wouldn't always show as assigned even though I clearly could mount a warclaw and glide in wvw.  Like it would vary within a 30 sec period.  I'm standing in spawn camp, and I hit B and check how many points and again I see nothing assigned to gliding and warclaw but my free/unassigned points were at 12.  I closed the WvW dialog without assigning anything, mounted my warclaw, opened my WvW dialogue and suddenly the points in warclaw AND gliding were assigned.


Plz fix that anet.

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