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Twitch drops for regular viewing were amazing! PLease do again :)

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Before drop i've seen around 400-1000 views compare to another games i really sad

should be a permanant drop


-  4 hours for (1hr)exp boost  1 per week

-  6 hours for 1 black lion key 1 per week


it will be good for people like me to see gw2 has alot of twitch viewer 

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It is a nice event. Most of the viewers doesn’t really watch the stream, but i know a few ppl who will continue to watch streamers now cause of this event. And they were never interested in twitch before. So it did do the job of attracting new viewers which is really good. 

however making it a permanent thing I don’t know. If they do so, it should be small rewards as it would be against its purpose if ppl abused the reward system too much. They do have the community chests they use as giveaways already. which makes ppl having to pay attention to the stream to be able to participate to it. 

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