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Backpack + /emotes = invisible backpack !

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Excelsior !

The backpack and weapons as well disappear during any /emote. You can scroll to ego perspective and and then scroll back to 3D camera to make the backpack and weapons visible but client side only. You can hide and then show the backpack and weapon in inventory to make it visible for everyone.

But why do they disappear at all? I don't get the concept of this 'feature'. It's not a bug, that's for sure but that doesn't make any sense o.O

It's just unaesthetic. And to hide/show in inventory just for a nod is very annoying.


What do you think about that ?


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17 minutes ago, WhiteDemon.9301 said:

But why do they disappear at all?

It was likely programmed this way to avoid bad clipping issues that could occur during certain emote performances.

However, if you toggle the backpack during any emote, it will show up nonetheless, so this seems kind of pointless. Even more so when there are several story-related situations where truly awful clipping issues occur, like (my favorite example!) the Dragonsblood Spear that pierces straight through our character's skull while it's getting magically empowered in the course of the Dragonfall storyline (we are stuck in a victory pose during the ritual and the spear enters the back of the head and exits through the eye 😂 ).

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Thank for explaining me. That makes sense but go in the ego should make it visible for everyone - this could be a compromise, right.
And 10 years after release there must be a better solution for that




There are still clipping issues with some weapons e. g. the Charrzooka or if a large eared Asura wears a staff. These weapons aren't automatically hidden. So sorry, I don't really get that sense to hide all backbacks in general during emotes automatically unless it's caused to the very old engine.

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