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<EU> <PVX> Deep Sea Monks [OOF] is a chill, mature and friendly place for all kinds of players looking for a community to call home <18+>


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Deep Sea Monks [OOF] was established in December 2020 with the aim of being a place where all kinds of players can play together, chat and generally mess around.


Since then, we have been on a wealth of adventures as a group, created memories together through an ethos of being friendly, accepting and generally pretty chill.


We are an adult group who enjoy the game together; we are not bound by any type of content specifically but enjoy a mixture of various content. Keeping the community vibe going is a must and we are always eager to learn more about the game and each other. With a whole new era of Guild Wars 2 content releases around the corner we would like to add to our number


We welcome first time players and veterans alike and have a mix of people from various backgrounds both in gaming and real life. Whether you have been playing since Guild Wars in 2005, GW2 launch in 2012, just started today and anything in between, all are welcome in our midst. Every member is valued and has a voice so everyone is welcome to join us in chat, our various discord channels and have fun.

 Our guild aims not to tell you how and what content to play but to help you explore the game on your own premises. We do not shy away from endgame content but it will never be our main focus. Inclusivity, fun and community on the contrary, are always high on the list and as such you are always welcome on any of our forays, no matter your experience level. We will try to share what we know to hopefully ensure that it will be a enjoyable experience for you!

 It is easy to get a one track mind in any MMO thinking only about gear, dungeons or whatever the perceived end goal is. GW2 has so much more to offer then tradition endgame goals, and variety is the spice of life. As a guild we try get a taste of everything the game offers, dungeons, heropoint runs meta events, resource farming runs, fashion shows in the guild hall but we are also not shy to dip our toes into pvp, wvw raiding and fractals. Number one priority is always to have fun together while ensuring a welcoming environment for everyone.

If you need to step back a bit anyway, play something else or just live your life that is perfectly ok too. We have all been there and will be there again. Our active Discord is a good way to still stay in touch and many of our members do!

 If you're interested in playing the game, contribute to a friendly and positive atmosphere at your own pace you can leave an application at our Discord https://discord.gg/6SYNvmutGQ.



Join us and who knows what adventures we will experience together!

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