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Gaming laptop - any recommendations?

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Hey there, 


I've been playing Guild Wars 2 since the moment it was released and I'm still somewhat attached to the game. 
Coincidentally, I've assembled a desktop PC shortly before Guild Wars 2 was released and I'm still using that machine nowadays. 

Since its already 10 years old, I've decided it's time for a new device. 
I've been turning it over in my mind and but eventually came to the decision to buy a laptop instead of assembling a desktop PC. 

That's where I need some advice. I'm intending to buy the current available Alienware 15'" laptop .

Does anyone play on an alienware and can give me a feedback how it is like to play guildwars on that device? 


As these are pretty expensive though, I'd be thankful for other recommendations. 
These following list summarizes the aspects that are most relevant to me


  • - Size between 13 '" and 15'" 
  • - hardware components (graphic card should be nvidia!) should be adapted to play Guild Wars 2 at the highest possible settings with a smooth gameplay (high fps)
  • - monitor should be 144hz 
  • - ideally an ultrabook as I also intend to use it for working/studying 
  • - if not an alienware, prize range should be between 1000,- - 1500,-€  
  • - Should be a proper gaming laptop for other current games (incase I get enough time to play them besides gw2) 

    Looking forward to hints and recommendations, thanks! 


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Some things to consider:


Get laptop with a dedicated graphics chip.

I prefer nVidia graphics over AMD graphics because their drivers are better.

Don't go for a thin and light laptop because you can't fit proper cooling in there.

Get a laptop that has at least two coolers/fans. One for the CPU and one for the GPU.

Get a laptop that is easy to open and upgrade. Where battery, RAM and HDD/SSD are user replacable.

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