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  1. I'm back in, but too bad the alliance beta was over before I could get in.
  2. With the Alliance update I'm in queue to log into EBG. At the end of the queue, I got an error message. Network error. Please check your internet connection and try again. (Code=1024:9:17:4971:101) https://i.imgur.com/wdhrn8v.jpg I checked my internet connection. It is working properly. I tried again. I got the same error message.
  3. I crashed in WvW today. I got the latest patch and am still using DX9 because of text display issues in DX11 on Windows 7. I'm using a Dell Precision 5820 Workstation with 32GB REG ECC, Xeon W-2145 and a RTX 3070 running Windows 7 x64 with Sept 2021 ESU updates. System is running stable.
  4. You may want to report it to Trend Micro so they can remove this false positive.
  5. Can we just have a few things in game that requires some dedication? Getting a Skyscale is not hard. At all. It just needs some time and dedication. It is nice to have some items in game of which the owner can say: I put some serious effort in this. And if you are ever lost: AyinMaiden has covered every detail of it in her excellent video guides on YouTube.
  6. If anyone gets this and can't find the setting to go back: It's the first tick box in the graphics menu: [img]https://i.imgur.com/V208gaD.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/V208gaD.jpg
  7. Yes, I got this. Windows 7 x64, RTX 3070, Nvidia driver 466.63 [img]https://i.imgur.com/h6P7vH5.jpg[/img] https://i.imgur.com/h6P7vH5.jpg Update: Disabling Yolomouse did NOT fix it.
  8. If you pre-order End of Dragons, you will get your free-to-play account updated to a full (paid) account and get End of Dragons when it releases. You will not get the expansions Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire. If you want all expansions including the upcoming End of Dragons, you should go for the Collection bundle. You will get Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire immediately and End of Dragons as soon as it launches.
  9. It's a political problem. USA hates Iraq and puts on severe restrictions to anyone that wants to do business in and with Iraq. This includes banks and financial services like PayPal, MasterCard and DigitalRiver e-commerce. USA also sanctions international financial organisations if they do business with Iraq. So, a German bank may choose to not do business with Iraq because it wants to use USA financial services like Master Card. It is hard to solve this as individual, because it requires the power to change USA international policy.
  10. I carry a flask of tears with me to carry the grief of all gamers who got their lovely characters incinerated by the lava, fallen to their deaths or their attempts failed by getting their checkpoints removed when venturing to reach the end chest or finding the last Mursaat tokens.
  11. I once mailed them to explain my side of a temporary forums ban I got. But I never got a reply either. I wasn't angry, did not even request an unban because I think they had a point, but I just wanted to explain in a friendly way that I found it a bit harsh, that had no bad intentions with the post at all and that a removal of the post or a message would have been enough to yield the same result. When one posts a thousand messages, there always will be a few posts of lesser quality or things that get taken by readers in a different way than the writer intended. It would
  12. Well, we can only speculate about that: Maybe they're afraid of getting more fraudulent transactions via other e-commerce providers. DigitalRiver prides itself of having blocked 10 million 'fraudulent' transactions. We all know that a significant subset of these transactions were just legit transactions by customers like us but to be real, there IS a lot of fraud out there and they will rip ArenaNet out of their gems and game codes when they can, hurting their company and the game's economy. Switching to other e-commerce providers like Xolla may cost quite some development r
  13. By now we all know that the in-game shop falls short in a subset of the cases but you know you got alternatives via the authorized retailers right? Prices are similar and you get a gem code delivered to your mail. It's that easy! We will probably never know why ANet never went after the returning issues with DigitalRiver and the in-game store, but as individuals we're not going to change any of this. So, we can keep complaining about something we cannot fix or take one of the alternatives that do work.
  14. I don't see myself effectively and quickly pressing 8 skills on a small touch screen while also moving, targeting and looking around.
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