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  1. If the in-game store does not work for you, you can still buy gems from retailers. Here is a list of retailers that ArenaNet supports. Buying from these retailers even is a tad safer because there have been rare cases in which players got their accounts banned after a PayPal or credit card transaction got cancelled by the payment provider. https://www.guildwars2.com/en/retailers There are also retailers that are not on the list of ArenaNet. These usually work but it is between you and the retailer if you get a key that does not work or is illegal. So safest option is to buy at retailers on the ArenaNet list. Gem keys are not valid for Steam-based GW2 accounts. If you have a Steam-based GW2 account, buy gems via Steam.
  2. Do it naked. It lowers your DPS quite a bit. Skritt will still run from you.
  3. Maybe something like player housing and a GW1 style, account-wide Hall of Monuments to show off your achievements, gear, miniatures and collections. This can be one thing. (A house that also has a museum.) Outdoors could have a place for your mounts and skiff. Houses can be decorated to a players liking. Select decorations can be earned in game with achievements, others can be crafted and traded, others sold for gems in the gem store.
  4. I got the e-mail as well: This is effective for "NC America, LLC". Does it apply to "NCSOFT West" as well, which is where their Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 games are under? In the past, there was a time when Guild Wars 1 accounts could be registered under a PlayNC master account. From this time I have a PlayNC account. I'm just wondering if this just affects my old (empty) PlayNC account or also my active Guild Wars 1 and Guild Wars 2 accounts which are no longer under my PlayNC account but under ArenaNet's account management. Of course, ArenaNet is owned by NCSoft and filed under NCSoft West.
  5. The Flask of Tears is one of the collection rewards for the Ember Bay master collection. It requires you to complete the (in)famous Chalice of Tears jumping puzzle which is considered to be one of the hardest jumping puzzles of the game. Just like most of the hardest content in the game. I left it what it is for a long time as it was above my skill level. But a while later the Aurora legendary accessory was added to the game and this was one of the required steps. This caused me to want to complete the JP even more. After a lot of tries and giving up I found a guide by AyinMaiden and I decided to give it a try that way. Copying her every step. This ultimately allowed me to succeed and collect the vial, filled with the tears my char cried during all of the failed attempts that went before. While useless, I still have the vial in the bank because it symbolized a personal achievement. Since then, the idea and symbol of the Vial of Tears never really left me. It stands symbol for all the failures I had to go through amongst my personal journey. All the times I got utterly defeated. Destroyed in PvP, yelled at by my team mates. All the times I was too afraid to join a group. All the times that I got kicked from a group because I did something wrong. (I'm not b*tching about the community here. I just played a ton of hours, overall people have been very kind and patient with me and others). It symbolizes all my character went through and the pride of what I have been able to achieve despite of my tears and failures. In real life, like any other person I have had my ups and downs, my bumpy roads and my tears. I've grown up with autism which has given me substantial challenges in social life and maintaining myself in an ever changing world. But it also blessed me with an iron will and perseverance to give me the drive to achieve long term goals. Last year I discovered that people have made beautiful little crystal/gemstone vials that you can wear as necklace. I immediately thought about my character and his Vial of Tears so I bought one. Now I always wear it wherever I go. It is filled with a few tears that I cry from time to time because my mother died and I still miss her. It stands for that I can be proud on my journey. Both in-game as IRL. That it did not come easy but that this makes every achievement worthy. And most of all: That I'm still here. https://i.imgur.com/7sRhKOB.png If you want one you can find it at online marketplaces like Etsy and Aliexpress when you search for crystal vial necklace / gemstone vial pendant. Ty for reading my ramblings about a little known item in game.
  6. I have been wanting Player Housing for years. I suggested it would be awesome if it would also function as account-wide museum where you can display select gear, achievements, miniatures and completed collections in a similar way Guild Wars 1 has with it's hall of monuments. Outside could have a stables or section where your mounts live when they are not working. Decorations can be earned in game, other decorations can be sold in the gem store. There are many ways to monetize this. Player can select one of the soundtracks to play in their home. Perhaps the house is near a river where the player can fish and park their skiff. Different regions in the world offer different styles of houses. Player can select one. Maybe a player can see their alts walking around as NPC's in and around their house. I don't know if that's a good idea. Let me know.
  7. It will fix itself. Try logging out of GW2, in to GW1, out of GW1 and back into GW2 to speed up this process. It would be nice if ANet would boot this "LOR-748" golem from the game as it is clearly and still malfunctioning. In other words, to not make already earned HoM achievements dependent on the live connection with the GW1 game.
  8. KP are a player problem. I can't blame experienced players who just want to farm and smooth runs to find ways to play with players of their own experience level. At the same time I can't blame new players from being annoyed by being locked out of so many groups. Not everyone has the social/management skills to organize their own groups. I was able to get around these problems by joining a guild that runs this content for new players and trains them, and I was able to find training groups for (emboldened or not emboldened) raids in LFG. But I know not everyone is able to find these (anymore) in LFG.
  9. I play normal mode T4 fractals and recs on a daily basis, usually at reset. The time and difficulty difference between the fractals is too great and I would love if ArenaNet world address this a bit. My opinions, your may be different: Fractals like Sunqua Peak and Silent Surf are very long in duration and are fairly difficult at T4 for average pugs. Players are literally leaving groups when they see these fractals are the dailies. Sunqua could use some dialog skips in the pre-events, shorter pre-events and a better expanation of the Tidal Bargain mechanic which many players still do not understand leading to a failure right at the end of the long fractal. It would also help to move the water phase to the start of the boss battle to allow players to retry this without having to do all other stages over again. Silent Surf could use some shortening, either in the pre-events or by lowering the boss HP. Nightmare is my example of how an ideal T4 NM fractal should be. Not too short, Not too long. Presents a challenge without being overly difficult or with mechanics that players find difficult to learn. IRL I don't like Nightmares, but I with more fractals would be like Nightmare. Twilight Oasis could use a shorter pre-event because the boss battle is fairly long. Boss battle itself is great imo. Molten alliance fractals are fine. Still in a sweet spot imo. Kitty fractals need a bit more challenging bosses to combat power creep. Solid Ocean just has a boring boss mechanic. It is fine with it's duration because it has a short pre. Urban battleground needs a more challenging boss battle. Getting past the ballistas is more challenging here than defeating the final boss. UW fractal suffers from lack of updates to underwater combat in general. For example, some day we had to kick a heal mechanist (HAM) because mechanist gets no mech underwater and the healing is done via the mech.
  10. Sorrow is fine. Players hardly participating is the problem. Auto boot players who are AFK. Disable participation from players who are only sitting on a skyscale and shooting fore balls and the boss will be a lot easier. And on the public runs I play I hardly see any failures lately. Players have learned to feed Zojja the orbs to heal her and most often this saves the instance from a failure. When the mission was new most players were clueless on how to heal her so they just DPS-ed the boss and failed the mission due to Zojja running out of life.
  11. ArenaNet has all the statistics on which content gets the most hours played and what not. They don't need to watch Twitch for that. A raid mission probably makes for a more interesting Twitch stream than another open world meta event. Raids and WvW are very active as well as PvP but perhaps with the time and effort to develop there is just more money to be made with story and open world content. Whether we like that or not. I would not mind to get a new raid wing, an overhaul of Edge of the Mists to make it active and rewarding again, (gliding, warclaw, pips) and some love for Stronghold, (ranked, new SH maps) but perhaps the time to develop these are better spent elsewhere when ArenaNet has to choose.
  12. Looks like we'll be getting a "major AAA game title". I wonder if this is one of the expansions for GW2 or something totally new. But we won't know until ArenaNet is ready to announce what is unannounced. https://boards.greenhouse.io/arenanet/jobs/5383287 In the past they have been hiring developers with experience developing for major game consoles and with Unreal Engine experience. This also was for unannounced projects. But these may have been cancelled with the massive layoffs a couple of years ago.
  13. Yes, it's all about convenience and easy switching. Legendary relics will not get any better stats and perhaps no visual effects as well. (Legendary runs have no visual effects as well)
  14. Humans will seek to maximize results with minimal resistance. I can't blame them. It's in our DNA. But for the game it would perhaps be better if participation is removed if a player uses SkyScale fireballs alone and nothing else.
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