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Cancelled Trading Post buy order gold not received back after patch update


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Hi all,


Just wondered if anyone else has any issues with cancelling a buy order, laggy TP after patch update, and gold not being returned back to me ?


I've sent a ticket to CS for them to look into this problem, but the same always seems to happen in the days following updates.


Just wondering if it's me, or anyone else has experience of this happening, especially around patch updates?


Many thanks for any replies !

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ty for reply mate. Good to know other issues as well out there, to be expected I guess, as always glitch wars after updates.


Even just farmed my Home Instance Herb Garden Plot things, Farmed 12 plants, which deposited in my inventory, automatically clicked my seed pouches to plant more, but it wouldn't let me, then i realised I had 12 growing plants, that I hadn't even planted. 

Well I hope I get my buy order gold back, but no guarantees I guess if CS can't see any physical problem their end I'll instant lose well over 3K gold buy order QQ: Not the first time this has happened and always around patches, it's like the server loses connectivity. C'est la vie!

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