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Please add "Scrolling Combat Text" as an option.

Kal Durak.2830

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Please add "Scrolling Combat Text" as an option.


Like this example.    https://github.com/Artenuvielle/GW2-SCT

Guild Wars 2 - Scrolling Combat Text (GW2SCT)

This is an addon for arcdps by deltaconnected (https://www.deltaconnected.com/arcdps/) and adds a highly customizable floating and scrolling combat text beside the users character. Incoming damage is displayed on the left side, outgoing damage is displayed on the right side.


GW2SCT requires ArcDPS to work. You can install arcdps by following the instructions in this site: https://www.deltaconnected.com/arcdps/


Go to the the release page and download the newest release. Copy the file "d3d9_arcdps_sct.dll" into the "bin64/"" subfolder of your game directory.

If you want to add your own fonts copy them in the "addons/sct/fonts/" subfolder of your game directory. You can configure the output in the arcdps options panel (opened by default with Alt+Shift+T).

If for some reason the addon is not loading for you, check that you have the newest version of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables installed. Get it here.


Translations can be found on this repository in the according language folder. If you have a translations for a new language or improvements for one, get in touch with me.

Translations available and authors:

Available translations and authors prior to version 2.0-RC3:

If you want to check which translation strings were changed in which version have a look here.


Feel free to contact me on Reddit if you have suggestions or encounter any bugs not listed below.

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I would love to have incoming damage with consolidated damage type (power or condition type) from playername in a box above my chat or mini-map. Wow has had this for almost a decade. I'm sure that data can be ported. 

What this does is: instead of showing a flood of 8+ of the same burning in your log, it shows the total damage done by burning from that player based on the times it dealt the damage (not mitigated by invulns). 

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