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New Elite Specs Ideas?

Bam Bam.1502

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You are free to share whatever you feel like sharing, as long as it doesn't violate any rules (or laws). ūüėĄ

Personally, after being rather disappointed with the latest elite specs lore-wise, aesthetically, and a few even mechanic-wise, I am not really looking forward to any new ones.

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I really wish I could dual wield pistols as a Mesmer so I came up with a gunslinger like spec. I kind of pictured it working in a Wild West inspired expansion. But hey, I thought it was kinda good.


Mesmer -> Maverick

Main Hand Pistol

Lady luck is always on the Maverick’s side. Mavericks summon stacks of illusionary cards to attack and distract foes. 


How the Spec would work - Clones are replaced with Cards and Shatters are replaced with Hands. Cards can stack up to 52 (or just 50). Cards generate constantly but skills and utilities can charge cards quicker. 



Hands - More cards active,  more powerful the skill

Deuces Wild - Knockdown damage, and grants a random boon

Joker in Play - Daze/Condition frontal cone damage 

Fifty-Two Pick up - Launch all cards into a protective shield around you, damaging and causing random conditions to attackers. Damage done/absorbed based on number of cards used.

Straight, Aces High - Shoot cards over time with a single large burst damage at the end


Utility - Gambits - Gambits are various tricks to distract and confuse enemies. The more cards stocked the stronger the skill or a higher chance of random effect


Quick Draw - Summon two Illusions to fire a shots at the target. Switch places randomly with one illusion. 

Hidden Ace - Draw skills act as if 10 more cards are active. 

Sleight of Hand - Teleport to a target location, launching a stack of 5 cards to daze the target.

Seven Card Stud - Launch your deck at the target, causing AoE damage and applying random conditions 



I don't know anything about balance or if any of this would even work, but I like the idea of a rogue Mesmer gambler.

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