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Make Thief great again


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7 hours ago, AsheLionHeart.3719 said:

Or does anyone have a competitive pvp crit dagger dagger thief build? 

hey... i am sorry, but there is no such thing as a competitive dagger dagger build.  Not happening. I am sorry.

This wont be exactly what you have asked for.... and it wont really be good... but maybe you can get some inspiration from it.

You could possible go for a cloak and dagger spam SA build..... wait lemme link you something... something along those lines COULD work.... but only gold and below....  He is playing it with sword/Dagger, but i can see this working with dagger/dagger aswell.

Try something like this: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PawAgiVlNwAZXsNGJe0WntUA-z5IeK9KCyXCEwQogFgJGAA

Try and hit your next cloak and dagger, just shortly after the stealth ran out, so you dont have the revealed debuff and gain the buffs from SA regularly.  This might actually work in lower elos, because you barely get visible.

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