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Newbie lvl 80 necro


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Hello, I just got my first character to lvl 80 today and it's a norn necro.   Leveling up, I used whatever had the best armor but now I'm 80, I was wondering what stats I should be going for.  I enjoy using staff, using mainly pet skills.  What's a idea of a good survival/dps set up to work towards.

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It depends what do you prefer: direct dmg (Power oriented stats) or condition dmg (dmg over time). Also do you have access to any of the elite specs? Reaper, Scourge or Harbinger or you can only play core necro? And what do you have in mind: open world, instanced pve, WvW?


Anyway, if you prefer pets and Staff: Necro's Staff is more Power (and hybrid/support) oriented than pure condition (after being heavily buffed in previous patch a few weeks ago), so go with Berserker's or Marauder gear. Marauder is slightly less dmg than Berserker's (maybe 10% or up to 15% less dmg) but it gives you better survivability in return (it's also way more expensive than very cheap berserker gear). You can mix some cheap Knight trinkets, if you really need more Toughness and you don't have enough money for Marauder gear. But as Minion master you already get more than enough survivability. Staff is ok for aoe dmg, not that great for single target. You will need to weapon swap to Dagger/x or Axe/x for better single target dmg, or Greatsword if you have accsess to Reaper elite spec.


Here you can check some core and elite necro builds from Metabattle (it's a bit outdated, so you can replace one of the weapon sets axe/x or dagger/x with staff):






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10 hours ago, Sifu.9745 said:

Marauder is slightly less dmg than Berserker's (maybe 10% or up to 15% less dmg)

I do like 7% less damage with my Marauder gear compared to my Berserker gear.

5 hours ago, Ted.2156 said:

I am just playing the base f2p game

then you only have access to Berserker. Any other useful stat requieres the expansions (you can get Celestial too I guess, but that's hard and very expensive).

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If you are not sure about the stats, go with Celestial. These are both power and condition damage friendly and add a beef needed to not get constantly downed in the fractals and other big boss fights.

Personally I run Marauder's / Berserker's on a power build but I don't use staff and most of the minions.

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