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Multiple uses of Home Instance nodes?

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So, I think I made a mistake. Not remembering what was my Home Instance, I used an Orichalcum Mining Node I got from a BLC forgetting that I already had one (I forget there's a Home Instance a lot). When I went to check, there was no additional node. I was hoping it might transform my regular node into a rich node... but it did not. Did I waste that node/gold? It didn't have any red text telling me I already had the node... so why would the game allow me to do this? I can't reuse skins I get that I already have... so what gives? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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I know I've had 1 or 2 duplicate nodes, but don't remember if they had the typical red text or not. You can contact support and they should be able to see if you indeed already had the node.

Unless someone else knows if the game will even let you use the same node twice?

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