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Need help deciding, please.


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Before we begin: The reason I'm asking for help is because I want to buy a Griffon skin but don't know which. I live in Brazil and absolutely cannot afford gems, so I do gold grinds to buy the gems. It takes me AGES to get enough gold to amass 1k+ gems. So it's a really bad hassle and I need to make sure I won't regret any decision I make. 


So, originally I was saving for the Molten Phoenix skin. However, Shaman's list got posted with upcoming stuff and I saw the Tigris pack was incoming in about a week or so. Thus, I'm conflicted and wanted some opinions from people. Especially those who own these mounts.


Which of the two is better: Molten or Tigris?


I can only get one, I'll never be able to grind out enough gold for 1600 gems in a month and these things usually last that long. So, give me a hand deciding on the one I should go for. Thank you.

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Just now, Giovanelli.6071 said:

If you're not a fan of effects while flying (the phoenix leaves a medium-heavy particle trail), then I'd go for the Tigris pack! I'm a fan of both griffon skins, but the Tigris are cute because they have custom idles (and you get 3 for the price of one, if it's the pack I'm remembering).


I really do like the effects, I saw it on youtube cause I also like to check dye channels. It's why I'm conflicted on it. Tigris does come with 3 but, fan of effects, I'm eyeing that flame one the most. So it's tecnically "Flame Tigris" vs "Molten Phoenix"

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Aaah, yeah, the effect does look really cool. From my experience with both (and fire in general in this game being a nightmare to dye to look good), I generally prefer the Phoenix in that regard; some of the Tigris' flame dye channels also tie in with the body color, which might make it funky, unless that's not something you're terribly worried about.

Otherwise, out of the two, the Phoenix definitely has the better fire trail effect, for sure.

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