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WvW question


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I'll be 80 very soon (71 now) and plan on working on gear and WvW play. I've been leveling as a Ranger but am conflicted on how I want to play him when it's time for me to focus on WvW. What do guilds usually lack more for their WvW teams...healers or more damage dealers? I can't decide if I want to go Druid or Soulbeast.

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7 hours ago, Gorani.7205 said:

For big group/zerg game play, probably a Support Druid, although I don't think it is really meta any more (e.g. https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Druid_-_Support_Druid)

For roaming, you can take all the roaming builds here (https://metabattle.com/wiki/WvW_Roaming), mostly relying on pew pew from range.

Ty. Is metabattle pretty much the “go to” site for GW 2 builds?

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