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Mawdrey and Font of Rhand

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Long time player, but not really an expert at anything. 🙂


Never really got around to getting Mawdrey and I've acquired all the pieces except for the one in the Font of Rhand. Hung out for long periods in Deissa doing events, but no one really seems interested in starting/running the meta that opens the mini-dungeon. Am I doing this wrong? I looked in LFG and have never seen anything. Should I start my own LFG?? What should I advertise?


Not the end of the world or anything, I have plenty of eaters and packs, but it was just something that caught my eye, and now I can't finish it.

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First, I'd announce in map chat that you're going to start it or ask if anyone is interested in running it with you.  If that fails, then you can create your own LFG for it.  Note:  I only put LFG 2nd because of the party/squad size limits if you don't have a commander tag.  Especially mention you're doing it for Mawdrey both in map chat and in LFG.  While I frequently will help people out when they ask in map chat, if I know it's for something special like Mawdrey or some achievement, I'm even more likely to come help, even if it is an event I don't enjoy doing.  I've been in the position of needing that one event or one item myself, so I always try to help out others in the same spot.

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