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[RESOLVED-PEBCAK ERROR] Progress blocked on POF Forgotten Debris Achievement

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I was trying to finish off the Forgotten Debris Achievement in Elon Riverlands earlier this week, and while I collected the Arid Gladefields Pool debris, it did not register for the achievement.

Thinking it might have been a bit of lag, or something getting mixed up when I got barracuda'd before finishing the first "cast" to collect the debris, I shrugged it off and finished the other handful I still needed. I tried again the next day, and once again collected the debris, but it still didn't register. I tried again on another character, which also failed, so I sent an in-game bug report. Since then, I've tried again on both characters, one by leaving it in the map and trying shortly after reset, the other after mapping about Tyria like a gadfly before returning. Still no joy.

Has anyone else encountered this, and if so, have you found a solution?

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