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Targeting an aoe on top of a tower (Woodhaven)


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I've mentioned in a few posts before that my concern is about defensive siege being too available for destruction. I mean what is a wall for, if you can't stand on top of it or even at the back of it, let alone place siege? That's my point of view.

So I've done a little test at the Woodhaven tower and this is what I got:

<blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/FBjDHUg"  ><a href="//imgur.com/a/FBjDHUg">GW2 targeting on top of walls Woodhaven</a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>


So I use skill 4 on the DH longbow which has range 1200, so not even 1500 and I can target it even on the back of the walls. And there is a difference between the corners in the pictures. One corner I cannot stand inside, but the other one I can. So I can climb into some corner walls but not all. Why the difference? Is this sloppiness or intended?

When I cast the skill they are not on top of the walls. In picture 1 it's right in front of me against the corner wall but in picture 2 it's also right in front of me but inside the corner wall.

So my question is do these skills actually damage things on top of the wall. For me it's not really a possibility atm to test this in the enemy territories unless a group of ours is going there and so far I've been unlucky with that. So does anybody know the answer to my question?


Edit: this is the first time I use imgur for pictures and something went wrong, so I put a link below it. I left the original embed link in so people might be able to tell me what I did wrong.


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I can just say, that from a historical perspective, only the Ele's Meteor Shower (range 1200 / radius 360 / impact radius) and Ranger's Barrage (range 1200 / radius 360 back then) had the chance (!) of hitting siege or people standing on the brim of the bastion corner of walls or the corner of the stair that goes up to that wall just left of the Archer in your picture.
LoS issues and which skills have to "wrap around corners" (or can be directly placed on top - I think some Necro wells can from my experience) have changed over the years, but the walls have not. That's why walls became a death trap for defenders (not mentioning pulls now in game).

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There's a texture difference between t0 wood and t3 metal walls, which also makes a difference on wall lips. The metal walls seem a bit bigger, so you're not able to run into the cubby areas at the corners. It's an advantage to upgrading them.

You are probably able to target the back of the wall with longbow 4 because it's a an arcing shot, (like engineer mortar) so it's probably taking that into account for targeting, but once it fires it still needs to follow los rules. Only a couple skills completely ignore this (ranger longbow5). There are also skills that have the ball circumference and not flat, skills like temporal curtain or entangle.

Btw if you want to build siege and take advantage of los, then you don't build it right over the entry spot, but in an area away from the entry, but still be able to fire shots over the entry area with maximum range. Did you know you don't have to target the ground with AC to fire over a wall? you just have to have the target low enough to the top of the wall and it will fire at maximum range over it. Building on supply huts in some towers is pretty good spots.

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The whole ranger longbow 5 thing, is very strange.


Sometime, back around 2013 or 2014, anet did a patch.. In this patch, every skill which could be targetted at a person inside an intact wall, stopped being able to do that.  I specifically remember this, because as a primarily staff ele, I kept a sceptre on me so I could break combat and dragon tooth downs, and after that patch, it stopped working.


Then, many years later, someone, for whatever reason, changed ranger longbow 5 to again be able to target people inside intact walls.


The main problem here is consistency, either LB5 should be nerfed to be the same as the rest, or the rest should be able to target inside intact walls.


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