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Rank bar [Solved]

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Hello, it's like 2 days I started playing pvp and I don't understand one thing about the rank.


I must say that I've played some pvp matches years ago, so I had some points in the rank bar and the bar was always the same, I'm rabbit of course (so I do unranked).


What I don't understand is why from the moment I started playing pvp again 2 days ago the rabbit bar goes up and down, no matter if I win a match or lose it. Yesterday I won 3 matches in a row and the rabbit bar decreased! So how does it work? Why it goes up and down and how do I check my progress?

Thank you in advance.

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Probaply the bar is filling up, but your "rank badge" doesnt change everytime you get a full bar.


But this pvp rank dont matter for pvp, maybe there are some achievments attached to them , the rewards are also very bad when you level those up

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