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  1. lol, i keep my kitten away from ranked when this betas happen
  2. the expectations are: I hope my main class ia completely broken If it is, i'll be chill and really doesnt matter if the others specs are bad, in fact it's good if other specs suck If it's not, i'll cry about it and if any other spec is broken i'll double cry about it, while pretending i even care about other classes being bad too
  3. I rather play conquest than 2v2 and 3v3 3 necros covering a tiny map in aoe inst that much fun All i want is solo q conquest
  4. Lol, till they find out running mid and feed 5 pnts is faster
  5. ratings can be misleading as f 900 to 1100 rating is prolly a player that played 20 games more than the other 1100 to 1300 is almost the same skill level but the 1300 guy is much less toxic and keeps playing the game while the 1100 goes "gg team trash afk" 1300 to 1500 is a significant skill gap now if you take 1450 1650 that's an insane skill gap but a 1650 1800 could be the difference one duo q and the other one doesn't plus the diviation starts kicking in harder as you get close to plat 2 and the +9 -18 starts to happen at
  6. I feel you Today i got a 5 min q at 1450 ish mmr This matches always end up badly (average q time was 2 min 4o secs) 500 - 15 match 0 fun I got lucky being placed in the winning team I could as easily be matched against a top 50 duo (as often happens)
  7. Otherwise you'd be faceroll'd by the new elites for the next 1 and a half year.
  8. Easier said than done, not everybody will agree supp is the best target, also paired with a necro that will cc and pile up dmg on your team kill the guard may not be easy. You either have a similar comp on your team or you need smart ppl to rotate around supp+necro, which is also hard to get, 80% of your games ppl will just push mid non stop into a ful cap node, that even if they win the tf it prolly took too much time.
  9. 1? lol welcome to my friend (bot) list https://prnt.sc/1sgfx2s https://prnt.sc/1sgg2rt 18k matches played just by the ones i keep track they've been in my friendlist for like an year rn i could go to my actual friendlist and check if some of the other ones got banned There were surely more, i remember once they played 44k matches in a seasom, i guess this is an improvement, cuz they'll reach 50% of this number this season.
  10. i'm kinda bored of this necro + supp meta Right now we only had nerfs Without nerfing necro + supp, we clearly need more dmg Last time we had this dmg it was in a class that had access to stealth and insane superspeed uptime it didnt go very well cuz it would nearly 1 shot everything non-bunker while having too much presence on the map My only idea (not necessarily good) is buff something like berserker, no ports no stealth no insane super speed, something more manageable in terms of counterplay What are your suggestions
  11. some mesmers do it so you can't tell which one is the real one.
  12. There isn't much to hide tho. It's not like pvp has a lot of options, most classes have that "must have" core traitline, you just need to figure out the one left. There aren't that many amulets and sigils too. And a close look to the icons below your hp bar will probably give up what trait line you are running, from there you just get the build by eliminating very bad trait options.
  13. i know the feeling it wasn't so bad when the meta wasn't so team fight oriented when your team are mostly sidenoders and roamers and the other team has necro + supp it feels like a lost match the only reasonable thing would be lower to 15, 30, 60 the bell scores, but i think once the meta shifts it would feel like a bad secondary mechanic. I just learned a bit of necro to swap in case i feel my team needs it, it's the best thing to do right now. Nerfing bell i think is questionable Removing the whole map is a bad idea (i'
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