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  1. I'm against nerfing stealth overall, i think stealth spam is an issue, but it's a thief only issue. I'm not sure about this "nerf Untamed without nerfing Untamed", it's more likely to happen nerf a bunch of core stuff to nerf untamed. And in this case i'd like to nerf untamed to nerf untamed.
  2. ppl are annoyed of being nearly one shot from stealth, a thing that catalyst can't do, it also has more mobility on top of, again, stealth. It's going to be nerfed if it wins mat anyways.
  3. in dota this can happen once a week without a penalty, so if you having connection issues or constant game crashes you have to fix it first
  4. Name the builds that annoy the you the kitten but aren't necessarely powerful pd thieves, a lifetime since it was meta, I'm still annoyed as kitten to play agaisnt it willbenders, i know touching stab and reso uptime would destroy the build, i'd still like to meme it with blindness and weakness scourge, just gets too much value for being so spammy reaper and harbinger , not kiteble as i'd like them to be, i still hate that harbinger float skill with all my life, pistol feels overtune in general lol
  5. I challenge you to afk in dota or lol and not get punished, when i used to play dota 5 reports in a single match you'd surely get low priority matches
  6. it would be fun if anet had their own championship like mota and no banned player could play it
  7. they don't care, we all know this "L" dragonhunter is going to afk once he gets behind in the match, he's at his third acc and bragging he has about 40 ish more accounts i just wish anet would ip dishonor him, when going from 1 acc to another all his accounts would have the same dishonor time
  8. I think that happens before they q sync right?
  9. famous duo on the other team, game 300-220 your team is winning, suddenly one of your teammates decides the team sucks and he's going to afk lol
  10. no reason d-shot is unblockable in a weapon with all that dmg and gust isn't
  11. I also do this, and it works wonders rating wise i play till i lose 2 games in a session, than i take a long break or just wait next day, weekends i always wait next day, cuz i know the player base won't get much better if I play 2 very onesided matches i quit playing almost everytime, and I said "play" not lose, cuz even if i win 2 i know it's prolly matter of time till i get placed in the losing team, specially if i'm 1450+ which i usually am, cuz sooner or later i'll stumble in a mysterious duo playing offline status and get facerolled I also avoid having 2h+ sessions, cuz even if I'm winning more than losing if i watch the replays later the decision making is clearly poor compared to the first hour Another good practice is play with your chat on combat log if want to type on map chat maybe it's time to take a break if you did type in map chat or even in team chat complaining about "quality" of your teammates it's surely time to take a break 16 games is like a big streak and prolly the only common factor in all those matches is you 16x12 is 196, that's enough rating loss to run in way worse players than you and actually carry games
  12. yup, it happen to me more than once being matched against a legendary player while i was gold 2 just cuz I was the only dude Qing with the same class as him their mmk algorithm needed to be looked at, another really big issue is how it matches ppl 300 rating apart very fast. It should take at least double the time it's now.
  13. I woundn't have high hopes for that, they said pistol is a condi focused weapon my bet is they going to pd or pf this build https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Tempest_-_Condition_Auramancer we also going to see a lot of pp guardians I also think they could revert the last round of nerfs to power scepter https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/2/22/Shatterstone.png/32px-Shatterstone.png Shatterstone: Increased cooldown from 3 seconds to 6 seconds in PvP and WvW. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/2/22/Water_Trident.png/32px-Water_Trident.png Water Trident: Reduced power coefficient from 1.25 to 1.0 in PvP and WvW. Reduced the bonus damage from 50% to 33% in WvW only. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/3/31/Hurl.png/32px-Hurl.png Hurl: Reduced power coefficient from 0.33 to 0.26 in WvW and PvP. A thing that shouldn't have happened in first place, but then we'd have 3 eles in one more mat and ppl would qq much they could also revert some of the nerfs to signets and leave just the icd there but anet takes a longtime to admit they screwd up with balance and that might never happen
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