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  1. i have a better idea, make them not being able to decap things
  2. yes, this happens a lot, if you get past 1350 and doesnt have the time to play primetime you can easily be placed against top 50 duos even top 10 duos.
  3. 3 things that bother me the most 1. 50% shroud dmg reduction to all types of dmg Removing this to one type of dmg or reducing the buff to 30% instead of 50%, i think would solve most of necro problems or increasing shroud degen, now it's 4% dunno how impactful it would be make it 6 or 7% 2. The fear ring needs cd increase, maybe not necessary if they do something to shroud dmg reduction, but right now, when you think you gonna kill the necro the ring is off cd again you get feared he ressustains again super annoyig 3. blood ress, on top of everything he's
  4. i think it's super funny any topic saying any thing on necro is slightly unbalanced gets so many comments lol, gatekeepers go crazy, i wouldn't be surprised if some of them think necro could still get some buffs
  5. lol, kinda, but not the case it was unranked he wasn't a bot and he was not always on my team
  6. things you never wanna touch with this ping is any dagger pistol thief build and dmg warriors builds
  7. I just played with a guy that afk'd 3 of 4 matches i played with him Guess what the only game he did not afk was the one his team was always ahead he'll keep afking cuz he knows he won't be banned
  8. Do you guys feel sometimes you get a super garbage teammate, then next match he's on the other team on god mode, he reks your wherever he goes? So there's this other situation you play the blame game and say "we lost cuz of you" then again, the guy is on the other team, and now that's a matter of honor, you play your kitten full tryhard to prove your point. XD
  9. WEAKNESS MAKES ME SICK "centaur npc"
  10. You have so much to learn as silver 3 that matchmaking quality is prolly not your main issue. As silver 3 you just go to a match and smash buttons in the wrong order in the wrong place prolly against the wrong guy. Pick class and find a streamer to lower your learning curve, 1h watching a streamer should skyrocket you to gold 2
  11. unless multiple ppl get the guy on camera and send a ticket with it i don't think report does something, not this report, like gamer words in chat will most likely get you banned but not match manipulation or botting. I think you need something like a 1000 reports in a season to get banned, or make a big drama about it. I know 1 troll player that got banned, he would q up in unranked just to afk, and it still took like 3 month for him to get banned The other one was a bot with 2.5k matches in a season that managed to top 100 leaderboards, the SS were all over reddit
  12. ins't vallun's video like an year old right now
  13. i'd say bring back rampage dmg, not the whole warrior kit bullscharge, gives you mobility and has evade frames, i don't think this should have any dmg CC is a case by case analysis, some should have their dmg back some not
  14. The problem with necro is the 50% reduction to all dmg types from shroud, which is like a 3rd hp, I'd start lowering it to 30%, i'd also add 20 secs cooldown to fear ring and get rid of blood ress. This changes would bring necros in line with they should be doing.
  15. This is the problem with necromancer " Death Shroud has a base 10-second recharge upon deactivation. It ends either when the life force pool is completely depleted, or when manually deactivated. A minimum of 10% life force is required to enter Death Shroud. While in Death Shroud, the necromancer's health is temporarily replaced by their life force pool, and all damage dealt will be inflicted to the life force pool instead of the necromancer's normal health pool. This includes falling damage, allowing Necromancers in Death Shroud to survive falls from greater heights than usually p
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