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2023 Coalescence I collection bug

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I  just killed Dhuum and openned the chest behind the throne.  However, I didn't get the Transcendental Parchment and Scholar Glenna won't sell it to me.  It is like we didn't kill him at all.  Has anyone else seen this?  I saw the same bug on Reddit from 2017, but it seems to have come back.  Anyt thoughts?  I don't want to do another W5 if it isn't going to yield the item.


Devs, please help. 



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Did you go into a completed instance of Wing 5 and looted the chest earlier this week?


If yes, then that's the problem. I got this problem with the "https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Bottle_of_Surprise_(Empty)" item of the Coalescence II collection.

You need to loot a chest that spawns after you kill Wing 6 Qadim. Earlier in the same week I explored a cleared instance of Wing 6 and looted anything lootable and after actually killing Quadim I could not loot the chest again for the item. I panicked because getting a kill on that boss was very hard and asked Support if they could offer a solution in form of supplying me with the item but they refused. From the forums I learned that I just had to wait until weekly reset, then find another cleared instance of Wing 6 and loot the chest again. The game remembered that I got a kill on Qadim and I got the item.

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Ok, maybe that is all that I need to do... wait for the weekly reset and try another cleared instance.  Since it is not W6, but W%, it might not work the same way, but worth a shot.  Otherwise, i will just do the FC of W5 again next week.  Just frustrating.  I appreciate the help!


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