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Trying to get the Thruster Control Unit

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19 hours ago, araiya.5160 said:

 An alternative does not mean gimmegimmeeasyeasy. I got the turtle egg via the meta, but knowing I could get it another way if I just couldn't stand the meta or couldn't play during the right hours or whatever, well that was nice.

Addig an alternative in the same style would be fine, but we both know people would just ask for another - easier - alternative.

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@Akira Kaoscorp.7014  My wife and me are casual players, too, so  we would also prefer an alternative option to get the thruster control unit. Maybe we were naive, but after all that advertising for the siege turtle we were expecting to unlock it while playing the story. The first disappointment was to realize that we had to complete another collection. The second disappointment was to see that we had to do a strike mission.

Sure, I had pretty much fun with End of Dragons and Guild Wars 2 is still an awesome game, but after that realization I was so frustrated that I quit the game. Now, almost a year later, I just looked up if there is another way to get the turtle, that's how I found this thread. So... definitly an upvote from us.

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Wow! I am surprised so many people commented, thank you all for your feedback.  Yes, I am not use to using forums so I probably posted this in the wrong area and I am sorry about that. 


I just wanted to get the game developers attention and I was told by GW2 support that this was how you do it. I will say also that we did find an experienced leader for the strike mission and had 10 people and we still failed.....badly, after trying for 3 hours. I don't mind a challenge, but it's just not fun for me and my husband. Maybe one day we will try again, maybe not, who knows.


My husband and I have been playing Guild Wars for a long time, in fact we met on Guild Wars 1. This is the first time we have ever had such a problem with this game and this is just really out of our element in general. However all of you who know how to do strike missions or just do them for fun really have skill and we applaud you! Getting to see someone who knows what they are doing is very impressive. It is just very overwhelming for us casual gamers and that was my main point about it. 


Thank you again to everyone who commented! It is greatly appreciated!   

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