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Crash at start of PVP Conquest

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It seems like most people are aware of this but I always go right back into the game when this happens.  This time I just got a dishonor timeout because of it.  Which makes no sense.... I literally came back as quick as I could, finished the match, and even won.  Could we at least get a leniency against dishonor timeouts until this gets fixed??

btw from what I've noticed it seems to happen only when people use abilities before it starts.   But of course whenever I mention that beforehand so that people don't do anything, they spam abilities and we all crash.  Seems to be a contributing factor at the very least though, as I can go several without crashing if no one does anything.  

I've looked but I don't see any mention of this talked about being fixed yet.

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As far as I am aware, it's specifically used by Thieves on the other team maliciously abusing a new bug related to Stealth.

Arenanet is aware of the bug.

Simply disabling Stealth until 20 to 30 seconds into a match could easily work as a band aid fix, but they don't want to have a band aid fix.

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