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#4 Skill not working on Warclaw or Skiff

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Hi all.   My #4 skill (keybind: keyboard 4) isn't working when I'm on the Warclaw or Skiff.   I searched for this issue here on the forums and found several instances of it being reported over the past couple years with Warclaw, but none of the solutions seem to apply to me.

Here's where I'm at:

  1. This just started with the update prior to the most recent February 14th update.  I haven't changed anything in months.
  2. Keybinds look good.  "4" overlay on skill displays and corresponds to my binds.
  3. All WvW abilities are trained to max.
  4. Pressing the 4 key activates weapon skills as expected.
  5. Mouse clicking on the #4 skill on Warclaw or Skiff does activate the skill.

Any ideas?

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