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What class for pve ? :)


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4 minutes ago, vanbusse.4196 said:

So I want to aks you guys what class/spec is best and fun for dungeons and fractals and even events arround the map and other pve things...just all round pve 



4 minutes ago, vanbusse.4196 said:

Just need al solid class/spec

Very good self-sufficient, but easy to play, classes include: 

Reaper (Necro)

Scourge (Necro)

All Ranger Specs 

Mechanist (Engineer)


By self sufficient I mean able to do damage, keep themselves alive and general player skill needed is very very low. There are several others but these are ones I recommend due to being easier to pick up. 

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You didn't tell us which kind of playstyle do you prefer so im going to suggest you to try necromancer, and that's why:

- One of the easiest classes to level up solo if you choose the classic path of filling your skill bar with minions (must play)

- Later you will have alot of choices because it's specs provide you different playstyles;

///Reaper is a melee spec with good dps and pretty straight forward to play, doesnt require many butons. This may be the king clearing trash.

///Harbinger same playstyle as reaper but with ranged attacks that can solo almost everything this game has to offer. It's also one of the best dps classes for dungeons/fractals/raids.

///Scourge this spec is slower than the other 2 (you will need to ramp up conditions on the mobs), it needs more buttons and has 0 mobility but can shield allies specially with some healing power on your gear if you like more of a suportive playstyle.


Some nice tips; berserker gear is easy to obtain (as an example doing dungeons and changing the currency you get there for berserker lvl80 exotic gear the orange one) so first i would target Reaper and later on move to one of the other two specs. Pairing this gear with the superior rune of the vampirism+traiting blood bank will give you tons of sustain till you get the grip of the game, specially when you jump on heart of throns content (first expansion) because there the difficulty ramps up alot.


I hope you enjoy this amazing game

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A simple reminder that none of the necromancer's specs are especially sought after in fractal and dungeons.

  • In open world PvE, anything goes, it's just a matter of finding the right build for you.
  • In instanced PvE (fractal/dungeon/raid/strike) you'll currently have the most opportunities with ranger's specs, guardian's specs or engineer specs (not necessarily in this order).


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