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Anti Aliasing

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With the implementation of DX11 as our new handy dandy API(*sincerely...thank you!!) would it be possible to have an anti aliasing technique that is more....powerful? 

SMAA at high still causes the "jaggies" even at 2k resolution. 


One can hope. 

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The game already has it, its called Supersample Antialiasing (SSAA) which can be combined with SMAA. You're not going to get a result better than that, as it effectively brute-forces antialiasing in the lowest performance but most effective way; the only better antialiasing is to play at a higher resolution.

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SMAA(Ultra 8x?) could be calibrated to account for a higher edge count.

Post processing anti aliasing unfortunately seems to just add blur which is detrimental to overall image quality. 

There are other options available to the devs but maybe I am just trying to put makeup on the proverbial cow. 



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