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Multiclass PvP Roaming + Giveaways


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Hi in case someone is interested i uploaded a new vid. there are also giveaways to join (800 gems+community chests). so pls notice the vid description/ pinned comment under the vid!

I hope you can enjoy!


ye rip copyrights... 😞


posted on another channel that cant monetize (not that i ever monetized a vid but ye) , there still available (better hurry lul)


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ok new link with other music. but dont kill me if it get blocked again. its either a new content id search tool or i was lucky with my music choice until now. the automatic youtube id search tool didnt see a problem with previous music but copyright owner can now use a manual tool (ofc then AFTER vid release only, rip...) .

so new vid can be hit by manual copyright tool too it seems (i stop making vids if youtube stays like that tbh, put weeks of work into footage sync with music).


sry for the trouble guys. hope its fine now 🙏

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