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I really like willbender's design!


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I know I'm a bit late to the party, I just wanted to say I really like willbender's playstyle, F1 feels really impactful, heaven's palm's animation is super cool, sure the other physical skills are a bit underwhelming, but oveerall playing a guardian-ninja feels awesome!

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Ive been having nightmares about roaming willy bendies who make so much dmg in microseconds on my necro  xP


Now i have learned to fight em, and sometimes even beat em, but it started to intrest me so much that i went and stripped my old main (warrior) from hes ascended set and got once again new set of celestial trinkets etc (i only got leggy backpack and few light armor pieces).

And put em all on my guardian, spent some testimonies and opened the elite willbender and my guard is waitin and ready to go!

Only my swords are exotic still coz i dont have ascended sword recipe,  but in 2 days i get laurels to buy that and will craft 2 swords aswell!

Got torch and scepter ascendeds, coz my necro has like 3x every weapon haha (celestial/viper/berserker/marauder and whatnot)


Now im at work, but cant wait to get home and play my willybender in wvw, straight into the action to learn more about it haha!


Yey im excited, i like ninja superfast "Rogue" playstyle, but with heavy armor and no stealthing/hidin lolz, just BURN everything !


Edit: So , i did it! Went to play some willy bender and oh boi, THE DMG! and the ability to jump into a blob, do mayhem and survive and escape back to own group is awesome and superfun!


Also did some roaming apart from SM mayhem in EB, while i dont know much what im doin yet, its very succesfull, and i cant wait to learn more!

Gonna bench my necro for a while and be playing this awesome heavy armor ninja for now haha 🙂

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