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[EU] [TCC] Tyria's Cozy Corner -mental health friendly guild recruiting!


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Hello there! 
Our guild is recruiting players (18 +) who are interested in all kinds of PvE content (mainly instanced). 

What we offer: 

-mental health friendly environment with understanding people 
-LGBT + friendly
-trainings for Raids, Strikes and Fractal CM's 

-weekly guild missions

-Isle of Reflection guild hall (still building it up)
-help for achievements

-guild discord 

What we are looking for: 
-players who could train instanced PvE content, especially Raids and Strikes (+CM's)
-players who would like to join Raids, Strikes, Fractals etc
-players who are willed to keep the guild cozy and friendly for everyone! 

We are by no-means elitists and just want to offer people to join some fun guild stuff in a relaxed and friendly environment. We do not require you to represent us, although we'd appreciate it. 
Joining voice chat is not required either,but would be very very helpful to listen to explanations and call-outs (you are not required to talk!). 
If I got your interest or you have any more questions, you can find us in-game: 


Happy playing everyone! 😄

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Hi Glael, do you still recruit for your guild? I saw you active for a month, but not anymore.

Is [sV] silent Voices still active? You and your boyfriend were good people, and I was thinking about joining again. It's quite hard to find a guild that it's not 80% on Discord and 20% in-game these days.

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