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Chest dyes keep changing on their own

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Dyes in most equipment templates (on a single character - mesmer) on chest armor keep reverting to some weird scheme. Not the default one, as I used the same default colors for the same skins for over 6months. It also isn't always the same one, sometimes it is just one color out of 3.


It happens sometimes when I swap equipment templates, sometimes when changing instances (e.g. open world -> pvp lobby etc.).


I am not sure when it started, but I think it is happening since I have gotten my legendary chest armor (Ardent Glorious Raiment). I have other light armor legendaries (both wvw and pvp) and they don't seem to be affected by this bug.


I have Win10, play on Thinkpad with two graphics cards (integrated and dedicated one). I don't know what other info might be relevant.


I am not interested in fashion wars, but the changed dyes are kinda ugly because they don't match rest of the gear, so I change it back eventually . . . and then it gets changed again. And again and again.

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If you have legendary armor you need to change dye going template by template. Only if you have same piece of ascended armor or below quality you can change it once and it will be changed for all templates where that armor piece is equipped..

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I do know how templates for legendaries work. This is an issue for the one equipment template having selected dye, then the dye gets (in the same template) somehow changed on its own by changing template / game mode.

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