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Permission to start charging a small amount for 3D printing/painting peoples characters for them

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Dear Arenanet, as many Devs know i have been making GW2 characters and sending to the NICE people for a few years. As promised (And reminded of a couple of times, lol)  i have never charged a dime for doing this as a -Physical Items remains the property of Arenanet- TOS thingy... and i have kept my promise and even returned monies ppl have tried to send me. I have a few Youtube vids of ppl recieving their game characters and i get as much joy seeing peoples reactions as they do with recieving them. Even though this is just a hobby it does cost a bit in materials/postage/packing etc, and i was wondering if i may be allowed to accept a tip or a amount to cover materials and wear n tear on my resin printers as i,m getting swamped with requests from people to supply a model of their game character/mounts/mini,s  etc. i LOVE this game and would never do anything to tarnish the brand name. Thank You for your time. ( Kristy *Jilly Beene ) 


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It trully looks so incredibly well done.

I'm not going to lie, I would love to have a, not sure how these things are called statues/figurines, of my main character whom I had a lot of fun playing the game.

This could be an opportunity for attracting more new players. I think any player would love to have at least a statue/figurine of their favourite character, NPC, mini, mount and so on from the game.

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