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Alac Mirage Uptime

Prob Not A Bot.3452

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Revert the last changes on Alac Mirage Uptime, or at least dont cut it to down a 50% less alac. Now is unplayeable even with 100% boonduration uptime on any group content, is not good at all now, even spamming Mirage Mirrors all over the place and with energy sigils being my main spec.


Pd: Put back the normal Alac Uptime for Staff Mirage on WvW and PvP back without needing any clones, you wont get never clones for stacking alac on WvW or PvP. But never. It doesnt makes sense.

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Anet: Alac Mirage's DPS is too high (too high = slightly above average on some niche raid encounters), gotta nerf alac on staff so they have to spec into ritualist stats and still not have full alac uptime since alac is tied to clones. Also, goodbye bleed damage from sharp images trait 🙂

Meanwhile, heal alac mechanist: press 2 buttons to give your party full alac and fury uptime, high amounts of might generation, full protection uptime, high amounts of on-demand barrier generation, multiple condi cleanses on healing kit, burst healing on healing kit, high vigor and regeneration uptime, and high amounts of on-demand cc through shield 4 and 5, mace 3, and mech skill 1. Extra mobility and a stun breaker through the shift signet. All of this packaged into an elite spec that is significantly easier to play than alac mirage.


"Perfectly balanced, as all things should be."

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