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Balance patch June 27 preview


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Herald's quickness application is being moved to Elevated Compassion and tied to maintaining upkeep skills. In its place, Draconic Echo will now cause facet passive effects to grant additional bonuses to the herald. Vindicator is also getting some adjustments in WvW to bring it more in line with other support builds.


  • Banish Enchantment: This skill now has a 5-second cooldown in WvW only.
  • Aggressive Agility: This trait no longer removes immobilization, and it instead grants resistance.
  • Demonic Defiance: This trait will now also remove a damaging condition when it triggers.
  • Forced Engagement: Reduced number of targets from 5 to 1. Increased range from 600 to 900.
  • Battle Scars: Increased base healing from 58 to 68 in PvP only.


  • Elevated Compassion: This trait now grants boons to nearby allies while six or more points of upkeep are in use, in addition to its current effect.
  • Draconic Echo: This trait no longer grants boons when using a consume skill and instead causes facet passives to grant an additional bonus to the herald.


  • Saint's Shield: Reduced base barrier and healing from 582 to 300 in WvW only. Reduced healing attribute multiplier from 0.33 to 0.2 in WvW only.
  • Tree Song: Reduced number of conditions removed from 5 to 3 in WvW only.
  • Urn of Saint Viktor: Reduced base pulse healing from 708 to 450 in WvW only.



   My thoughs:

    I only care about this two changes:

 Forced Engagement: Reduced number of targets from 5 to 1. Increased range from 600 to 900.

   Is a step in the right direction, but we are still nerfed. The original range was 1200, and using it well was almost the only way to have a chance against roaming necros in WvW. The Necros still have the advantage of 1200 range with the staff skills (oftenly traited to be unblockable), and aside staff a Harbinger still has the pistol + dagger with 900 range (1200 if is running focus) to equal our short bow plus the advantage that when enters in Shroud gets stability (Implacable Foe) and can corrupt all our boons at 900 range (Dark Barrage + Path of Corruption trait). And is now worse because Harb's elixirs have now granted a 20% cdr for free in PvP and WvW (of all things!). A Dark Barrage + boon corruption ususally is enough to to finish the fight, whereas a Forced Engagement + Scorchrazor + Sevenshot doesn't. So we are still in a massive disadvantage. And that with our only ranged build, mele doesn't even have a chance (Vindi doesn't even have any cc to land a single hit).

Aggressive Agility: This trait no longer removes immobilization, and it instead grants resistance.

   I don't understand if this will work as a buff or a nerf. In theory, Resistance removes for a limited time 8 non damaging conditions. The only reason I play Vindicator in WvW (or any power Rev build in WvW, if that matters) is because Agressive Agility.  Is the only asset to grant us a chance against the perma-root roaming Druid: the Vindicator has cleanses enough, mobility enough, damage enough and the hard counter againts one of the absolute top predators (and lamest builds) in the food chain of WvW roaming, and ripping of the skin of the face from a surprised Druid with the help of this trait was one of the very few pleasures Rev still could bring me in WvW.  I'm not sure if the change will be better, because albeit could do good things as prevent blinded or chilled for a while, if the duration is low in WvW it will be entirely useless against perma-root builds. IF ends being a nerf, I will never touch a Vindicator inWvW again (the same as entirely stopped playinmg  Herald at WvW and PvE 16 months ago). It will greatly depends on the implementation, but I'm pesimistic.

   Aside from that, support Vindi got nerfed, which I don't care. Rest of the changes are meaningless to me, which is good.



  Edit: Jaykay was fisrt and made his thread while I was writting this one, mods please remove this one!

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