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  1. ...But my point is not that cHerald does more damage than cRenegade in any way (which also is not needed) but the fact that cHerald is harder to kill in PvE than cRenegade. This whole thread is about how some people think that Herald is useless because Renegade delivers more dps, has larger heal burst and shares alacrity, but happens that those features are useful mostly in niche parts of the game (fractals, raids...) which are fading and doesn't provide as much gold gains as open world PvE in which (oh surprise!) damage is mostly irrelevant because due power creep most specs and even core bui
  2. No, because the best runes for condition Renegade players is objetively the runes of nightmare, due Renegade's condition damage splits in a fair share between bleeds, torment and burns, so using the nightmare runes maximizes the dps, whereas condi Herald has no bleeds and torment is clearly the main damage source (with a decent amount for burns and almost no damage from poison or chills). So for a condi Herald the runes of tormenting makes perfect sense since enhances both its main source of damage and the sustain, whereas for a condi Renegade if you chose tormenting runes you're losing a lot
  3. Condi Herald can solo pretty much everything in the game. Condi Renegade does more damage but is less tanky and doesn't benefit from runes of tormenting in the same degree as Herald. I don't put any value on how much Renegade is prefered over Herald or core Revenant in Raids and Fractals because i don't find them particulary fun and you can gain more rewards (in terms of sustained gold coins x hour) in open world PvE rather than in instanced content. About Mirage and Scourges, I'm not very familiar using them, but Hizen ranks Renegade above both, and has plenty of videos backing his claims.
  4. Core is fine and Herald is exceptionally good, best PvE spec in the game specially after the sustain nerfs to the Renegade (which had limited effect in Herald). And is not like matters that much since in~4 months the new specs will blown out of the water all we have now.
  5. Jalis has plenty of cleanses, Glint + Jalis is one of the safest combos against condition pressure in the game. Sadly that build doesn't delivers enough damage. Works ok as a bunker but you are very limited in weapons because one of few the physical damage ones (the hammer) neither provides damage enough or cc enough to be a decent choice vs other bunkers/bruisers in the game. Condi Rev is chaotic in nature because has high burst of damage and wreks foes in teamfights, but at the same time is predictable and has weak defenses vs conditions. That's in PvP, because in PvE/WvW tor
  6. Thanx a lot! That was exactly what I was afraid of. It means that in some cases buying the exact tool and the exact glyph one wants to use and mixing it can be cheaper and more convenient that buying an entire set, even on sale.
  7. Can you unequip the glyph from a gathering tool adquired with gems and sell it in the Black Lion Market of you never did use that particular tool and glyph? Or you can only sell glyphs randomly adquired from Black Lion Chests?
  8. I agree that in that case is a problem, but don't see an easy solution since ANet probably will be more interested in pushing the next spec instead of buffing power core Rev/power Herald.
  9. Herald is stronger than Renegade in PvP, both the power and the condi versions. Condi Renegade is still more powerfull than Herald in PvE, but the only advantage is having the bow for fighting at range if needed. Also: albeit condi Herald doesn't provide the same dps as condi Renegade in PvP the gap in survability between condi Herald and condi Renegade have been increased even more in favour of the Herald: condi Herald is almost unkillable in PvE, whereas Renegade relies in well timed skills which spent tons of energy, a problem which condi Herald doesn't have. F
  10. No, I'm refering to actually play the game. In terms of gold and converting stuff into gold, most of the instanced content outside fractals are crap (that includes dungeons, raids and strikes). Fractals are good sources of gold, but with at least three handicaps: you need to play high fractals to maximize the rewards, those are harder so you may have some fails which increase the time (so the rewards/hour are lower) and the best rewards come from non-repeteable daily fractals (so you get plenty of gold in the first run but not so much repeating those). Then compare: I can farm the same gold in
  11. Read again; I was talking about the cost of the armor.
  12. ...But my legendary PvP armor cost me about 1800 gold coins whereas the PvE one was about ~6000 gold coins at the time. And you can't fail at PvP due every match, including loses, provided progression, whereas at raids you can flop over and over (specially with pugs). And now I have PvP tokens enough to craft the other two legendary sets for almost no gold (mostly playing what I like, not farming content which I don't care about).
  13. What's easier than Playing PvP? Took me literaly nothing to get the Slumbering Trascendence... I won't do PvE achievements (some of them go from fun to utterly annoying) to get the same reward.
  14. I agree and that's why I said "amongst" instead of "the worst". Warrior in PvP is and has been "malnourished" for months, and not only is lacking in build variety but also we pretty much only see a couple of weapons being used. February's 2020 patch nerfed the damage to all the classes but the hit was specially large in the ones which had slowly telegraphed attacks which combined cc and decent damage... Suddenly weapons as Warrior's hammer became garbage with a finger snap.
  15. Symbols guards were a thing because both support, heals and damage became so nerfed in Firebrands that the spec felt useless. Symbol guard was good because most of people is too stubborn to evade. Then symbols were nerfed and Guardians moved to burn DH (a PvE build) because players did keept playing as bad as the PvE foes, so worked well. Now with F1 procs nerfed so symbols no longer proc burns and Sword of Justice downgraded to a bite of a moquito the burn DH is almost as trashy as the Firebrand, but people still plays so bad that struggle with DH's long bow (a weapon absent from PvP since...
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