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  1. ...In Foefire with the central control point seizable, so if a player constantly runs away to reset its HP ends losing by points (max 50 or 100 x round).
  2. If you want a decent OW build running greatsword Mark FN has been running a power DH in OW having some success (very good in terms of speed) soloing some bounties (you can check a lot more samples in his channel): Tho, I guess that build and Guardian in general would have troubles soloing some of the hardest bounties (also: the build is powerful but a bit in the brittle side, so ins not exactly a tack). But if you play well and known the foes I'm sure will do fine vs regular mobs and most of chanpions and bounties in OW PvE.
  3. Celestial Vindicator, celestial Mirage, celestial Mechanist. Probably of those the Mechanist has the best mobility, but the other two are stronger. Builds: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PmzAkeVlhQmsI6kJRpMIClBSqMBqkj2za0E-DyIY1oj/QKUVlrEoXhgC/AkgA2DvGQMtBqA-e http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PizAYhrlRwiYIsEmJW2P9PNA-DyIY1o+/MyUl2r0ShfAChg2D/JgQTKm2AVA-e http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PejAkqlZw6YtMXWMOsL5RNA-DyIY1oh/MCUBUoEQhfACRg2AvGQMtBqA-e
  4. Before the nerf I also always ran it when I chose Devastation (which was almsot never because Devastation is truly lame as source of damage at WvW/PvP and the alternatives in other trait lines at least provide utility/sustain), but now that instead of removing roots just voinds non-damaging conditions for a pity 2 seconds I never use it. I mean; between 3 Revenant characters I stack 15 trait templates and only one has Devastation and doesn't use it and I don't use that plantif at any game mode, anyway. By the way, ditching Devastation doesn't require any effort or trading cons and pros or anything; once everything is nerfed to bad gravity just pulls choices to "less bad options", which is how everyone ended running rune of Divinity in PvP (when 10% more HP was instantly better that all the rest of crap) and the same happens here. There's nothing amazing about the Devastation damage in competitive game modes so why not instead run something that provides value?
  5. Is definitely a learning process, but over time becomes more intuitive when to save energy for breakstuns and when to spent it on burst or disengaging tools. Also, having energy sigils in each weapon is mandatory, and at least one of cleansing is very important. Maybe evades no longer ignore root and our vigor was removed (to prevent boon sharing which with the new patch will no longer exist, despite we won't see that vigor come back) but with cleansing in weapon and legend swap there's 3 condis removed (4 if runing anti toxin relic, albeit I prefer Durability). Won't be the same as a breakstun but still much better than the now useless Aggressive Agility (one of the few reasons Devastation had in the past any sense).
  6. Are we really arguing in 2024 about Infuse Light duration? As I said I couldn't care less about the future of Herald; at the end Anet nerfed that heal (as you wanted) and many more things snd I stopped playing it entirely (even at PvE were at which supposedly is king). I didn't say that you moaned about DH, I said that your attitude of constantly demanding nerfs for Rev specs while praising core remembers me the ones which wanted stealth trap DH out of the game: ANet paid attention, deleted the stealth, yet they keep moaning the same. Also I don't agree about me refusing to put effort: I oftenly play condition Firebrand which is totally garbage and usually doesn't work but In enjoy that playstile. And I only play 3 classes in PvP (Rev, Guardian and Warrior) outside 38 matches as Necro in a total of 9823. If I wanted to play something easy I would play DH, and guess what: I have 0 DH matches in the 51 I've currently played in the 40th Season...
  7. To be honest, I'm too busy at the moment with Tekken 8 and Last Epoch to even care about the kitten content they should have released with the SotO expansion 8 months ago. The main feature of SoTo is weapon mastery; they struggle to even provide a new armor* x profession. I guess the main feature for the 5th expansion would be utility skills/legends freely available to every spec. And anything beyond that in Spring 2025... (*) I meant weapon.
  8. I don't entirely understand what you mean. For OW events with people Vindi players usually run a power build with Forerunner since Vindi's main role is pure dps, not support. For solo play I think that mostly sucks (very few specs outside Bladesworn or Reaper are decent for solo as power). The changes doesn't affect condi/celestial builds since those aren't played with others and the nerfs in the trait only affects the sharing of boons with others.
  9. Herald was fine (meta) pre-EoD nerfs yet you were constantly ranting about it made core Rev redundant (despite core Guard have proved that a core spec can remain relevant as long as your profession has at least 3 decent core traitlines. In that period Renegade was also already dead due over nerfs. So you got what you asked for (Herald becoming unappealing and unable to compete) and now you want the same with Vindi despite objetively is not that brilliant compared to other specs from other professions, and despite core Rev will never be as Guardian, Necro or even Warrior since no one ever designed the class to be functional as core outside Herald. This attitude remembers me the ones which moaned about stealth trapper DH until they got what they wanted (stealth being literaly removed) just to fall in a meta with DH winning the MAT and a having to deal with 2-4 DH x match at ranked. The thing is, as I said for ages: after the pre-EoD nerfs I see no reason to even play Herald again, and with Renegade being mostly a PvE designed spec (and is not like is doing much currently at PvE, to be honest) which only appeal was having the bow, Vindi is now the only thing that lasts. I don't want to known anything about single evade Vindi unless the damage comes back, and we both knmown that A) single evades won't come to the game again, and B) one shoot jumps in PvP won't return either.
  10. Well, is godtier at solo PvE, meta (Herald) in instanced content, very strong at roaming and now (with the suggested changes) viable (but not top choice) in zergs. The only weak part is PvP . But is true that has less viable iterations, less choices, less variaty and a much more homogenized/lacking in playstile. ANet is moving professions to a point in which most play exactly the same and the main difference is the colour of the skills...
  11. I've seen Zeus playing power Herald at ranked with good results, despite of course A) He will never play anything but his main Ele in a MAT and B) I didn't saw evidence of that being a better choice than Vindi, which is a point. The thing is (He was running swords + staff) that Herald has better cc access and a bit more tanky in terms of passive defenses, but in reality doesn't matter since the best way to remain alive in the current meta is mobility/disengagement and and Vindi along some other EoD specs is better at that than the previous specs. In fact, since the damage in berseker amulet is garbage due low synergies and low might stacks, the only way to play it and get something decent is just hit and run, spending most of the time as +1 roamer and using 2 evades, 1 block, 3 breakstuns and 4 mobility skills to retreat as soon as danger is coming. This is also a self-inflicted wound since was ANet the one which chose to remove most ofRev's defense from conditions from Mallyx/Corruption traitline instantly turning Vindi in the only spec with decent balance in that regard, and was also ANet the one which decided to remove vigor from Vindi (except from that subpar thaitline called Retribution no +1 power Vindi would run ever). And as Sereath remarks, Vindi is not even popular at PvP: not in the MATs, not in ranked. So: Rev is currently a crippled class in PvP (which anyway is a dead game mode; based on the amount of silvers and high plats put together in the same matches at ranked I doubt the peak pupulation in EU reaches 400 concurrent players if all, probably half of that in NA). And is harder to play than core/Renegade/Herald (just performs better), so I don't support the idea of further nerfs. I don't think ANet plans to remove evades after restoring the second one in Mirage and Vindi, just get used to that. Adding vigor won't help a single evade Vindi since currently the only way to get it from traits is in an unused traitline, anyway, so If they would keep removing defensive tools from Vindi I would just stop playing it in PvP; I won't move back to Renegade or Herald, EVER.
  12. I don't understand the change in Vassals. That trait was abandoned at PvP since was gutted to nothing and will remain that way. You explain wery well why no one would use it at PvP/PvE. But I do known why the nerf in WvW. In high level megazerg fights and even high level scrims of 15 v 15 the current meta is having 3.5 to 4 support professions x squad, and in the current meta the strongest choices are (in no particular order) Druid, Chrono, Firebrand, Scourge and Vidicator, with Holo or Berserker as main damage dealers. In this meta, Vindi with Alliance + Ventari is very strong (yesterday was just seeing Azurs using Vindi in a scrim). With the nerfs to Vassals and Ventari the spec loses dominance so opens the door to other professions. So is all attempts to balance WvW zerg Vindicator which is causing damage to the PvE build (no effect in PvP since nothing matters outside Forerunner of Death). Seems also hypocrite to try to add might generation in a support trait after removing fury and might access from ofensive traits in previous patches. The roaming build is not vaffected since the trait still works in ourselves and even the boons got buffed, but that trait is useless for the power build and the celestial/condi variants doesn't need might anyway.
  13. Changes in Vindi & Ventari should nuke Vindi out of the zerg WvW meta, but good luck trying to put Renegade in that role since there's stronger support options.
  14. Well, we could have a problem here. "Strong" and "great visuals" can be subjective but mobility is hard to argue about. Ranger and Warrior have good mobility, Guardian mobility outside Willbender sucks and Necromancer is oks (better in Harbinger). I think that in visuals both Guardian (WB) and Necro (Reaper) really shine, tho. In general, any profession ot named Thief is useful at open world and group content (Firebrand has tools for everything, Druid is and excellent support, Warrior... uhmm... errr...).
  15. Sure Rev's hammer and staff could get some nerfs. Also: Renegade.
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