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  1. Nah, I started Trascendence a bit before the PvE storyline leg amulet was announced and kept focused in PvP; was way easier than doing things that I dislike in PvE. Is all matter of tastes.
  2. Is not particulary bad; I did 160 in a season and I'm just a casual. Is only hard if you don't like to play PvP, which is fine, but you have alternatives if that is your case.
  3. Is a FEATURE. Has been discussed for years, along threads and threads. The programmers currently at work in ANet aren't the ones which designed the class and the way in which the skills works (with only 3 predetermined utility skills x legend instead of 4 to chose 3 from as in the rest of classes) is probably what causes the bug: The problem is: to fix this you probably need to redo the Revenat code entirely and add the skills in the same way as the other 8 classes. This could potentially cause new bugs with each skill and trait and mechanic, and probably is so vasty time and
  4. You're very skilled and I admire your dedication to off meta builds (I was aware of both things) but take a look at YOUR OWN WORDS about the hammer in both the description of the video and the comments: you're not happy with it in his current state. Neither me, or anyone in the whole Rev subforum.
  5. Vindicator has barely any source of condition damage, That alone means wasting a lot of stat points in a spec which is mostly a power spec with poor boon access (which is another source of lack of efficiency: boon duration performs poorly if you don't have boons to enhance). Also a celestial vindicatour would have to compete vs celestial Renegade or Celestial Herald: good luck with that.
  6. Let's see: we have a 1.75" cast skill which does 10 points of damage in full zerk (up to 5 targets, so we can deliver 50 points of damage!); we have a projectile block which can be up at least 50% of the time (not that useful in the cuerrent PvP meta, but is what it is); we have a heavy hitting skill with a 1.25" cast time which can't be affected by quickness which also has a very telling animation so is more useful at avoiding damage than providing it, and then we have a utterly unreliable hammer #2. Yep, seems a defensive weapon to me.
  7. If auto attacks are always the best ofesive option due how crappy for damage are the alternatives makes perfect sense that energy overflows, specially with Glint, which skills essentialy works as signets. Is also embarrasing to see the hammer turned into a defensive weapon (which obviously won't be used due the staff fills better that role). But is what it is.
  8. Yep. ANet increased the energy cost, added cooldowns, removed the quickness and then nerfed Charged Mist in PvP so bad that no longer exists in that game mode. But is the same approach they took to every balance conflict they find: "oh, this amulet is too strong with some skils/classes, let's remove it" "oh, this elite skill pays so much, lets put a 300 seconds cooldown on it so in fact dissapears from the game" "oh this specs have nice things, let's remove evades, or 300 armor points, or one leg from the class so no one could call them op again -neither probably had the guts to-".
  9. I don't see the problem. Is playable; mostly unused due Herald and Renegade are better, but thats in part due Glint is well designed for PvP and the shortbow pisses on the ranged alternative core has (hammer). But any Rev user has access to Herald, so as happens with Ventari, you just chose what it works and ditch the rest. Still, better than Vindicator.
  10. Not at solo PvE. Not even close. You have 11K base HP and any attempt to rise that number will lower your damage, whereas Necros or Revenants can be tanky whithout sacrificing damage. So many times for a Guardian a single mistake ends in you being one shooted...
  11. Check TubyTwoTons (TubyEatWorld) in Youtube and Twitch, He's an excellent Revenant WvW roamer which oftenly describes the whole hotkey dance He's performing while fighting so you can get a very instructional Idea of what combos He uses, which are the timings and the decision choices He makes along the fights, it will allow you to form a better idea about the strong and weak points of the class. Another notable content creators with a lot of Revenant focused content is Nici, I known another couple which are buried somewhere in my fav list but sadly WvW became so stagnated that some of t
  12. The whole concept of winning 1 vs n in this game is silly. As a general rule, given builds designed to duel or roam and perfectly played, no build will be able to win1 vs 2, ever. What you see when someone does that, winning several figths on a row or winning some small fights outnumbered, is a disparity in skill. Rev is fine as a roamer, not at the top of the food chain, but not bottom either. Best roamers are builds able to easily disengage and leave a fight or reset it, and there's better classes for that than Revenant, but they are also way worse examples.
  13. My recomemded builds in condi and power core Rev for starters: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PmwAkeZlhQHMJyhFRNMI6hBSfMBKgjuSfKD-zxIY8o7vUSoA6KByMC6ME8fA-e http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PmwAwyZlxQHMPyh1RNMO6hRSfMCKgl+U16H-zRIYR09XKtVAZGCdmA9GBeNA-e
  14. If you have the expansions don't go Guardian. It has amongst the lowest HP in the game paired with low mobility and there's classes with much more forgiveness and quality of life features for beginers. My advice: 1) Necromancer: amongst the classes with the largest base HP, with an extra life bar in the for of shroud mechanic, can easily get passive switfness just equiping a utility skill, has huge AoE ranged attacks with plenty of cc and damage. Can be extremely safe and played passively using minions or became a mele beast with the Reaper specialization. Very good in PvE, special
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