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Chak Egg Sac

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From the Wiki: You can use it as upgrade to exotic trinkets but most players will make an infusion from it using the mystic forge recipe. However, because it is worth 10 000 gold or more it may be more interesting to sell it on the trading post. I would either make the infusion if you want the exclusive effect that it brings (Which requires ingredients from fractals) or sell the chak egg sac.

If you add it to an exotic item you may risk throwing it away accidentally which would be a waste.

I've never had an item that valuable, there are some who trade it outside of the trading post but I would not do that because you can get scammed. The trading post has a max price limit of 10k gold and takes a cut (tax) from the price. If you got it as random drop then congratulations!

One of the rarest items in game.

Here is how it looks when you decide to use it for yourself:


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