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Is there any set of gear to make you resemble Van Helsing?


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Harbinger doesn't seem to have very much to do with necros theme-wise. I always thought Harbinger should have been the elite spec for engineers, and Mechanist for necros, with suitable visual changes, ofc. Could have been called "summoner" or something. . 

Anyway, I came to the conclusion that skulls and pointy things sticking from your gear don't work well with Harbinger theme-wise (personal opinion). I want to make my necro look similar to a demon hunter from Diablo or Van Helsing. Half the gear I could use is leather...Not many trenchcoats or large hats ( like Jade Tech Hat which is again leather) give me that appearance, though. For pistols, I can use Ebonhawke Crossbows from BLC and that's about it. 

Has someone done something similar and does anyone have suggestions that can fit the theme?

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Individual armor pieces, for the hat you could look at getting Minister's Hat, which was added with Gyala Delves. Otherwise the only thing I can think of are outfits, which are only available sometimes in the gem store unfortunately:

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